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Anatomy Profile

Human Anatomy is a subject of Basic Medical Science dealing with structure of human body in Health.

The department is having experienced staff in compliance with the minimum standards of education of Central council of Homoeopathy Regulations.

The teaching in Anatomy comprises of theory lectures and practical dissection of human cadavers (Dead bodies).

There is a huge stock of dissected parts and organs available for giving firsthand information regarding human body structure.

The museum of the department of Anatomy is one of the best museums among Homoeopathic medical colleges with variety of mounted specimens and charts.

The department has initiated "Dead Body Donation" programme to make availability of fresh cadavers for dissection by accepting voluntary body donation.

Museum :   900sq ft With gallery. Displayed dissected parts & charts Students are learning on them. 
Dissection Hall :   1500sq ft. students are dissecting the dead body in a group of 35 students
Cadaver room :   For the storage of 10 cadaver.

SubjectWrittenPractical (including oral)Total
 Full marksPass marksFull marksPass marksFull marksPass marks
Anatomy 200 100 200 100 400 200



       Question Paper Pattern-ANATOMY

   New Examination Pattern from 2022-23 Batch Onwards

Examination Pattern 2022-2023

Dr. V. V. Ghodke

Dr. V. V. Ghodke

  • Designation : Professor  
  • Qualification : L.C.E.H.
  • MCH Registration No.: 14316, 24-07-1986
  • Date of Birth : 01-06-1963
  • Date of Joining in the Institute : 03-08-1993
  • Mobile No : 9422265084
  • E-mail Id :,
  • Address : 4,Balaji Tower, Moksha Ganga Colony, Satana Naka, Malegaon, DIst. Nashik
Dr. M. R. Kshirsagar

Dr. M. R. Kshirsagar

  • Designation : Guest Reader
  • Qualification : M.B.B.S., D.A.
  • Registration No.: 2004/02/377, 04-02-2004
  • Date of Birth : 29-05-1980
  • Date of Joining in the Institute : 01-06-2012.
  • Mobile No.: 9404192214
  • E-mail Id. :
  • Address :  Gujrathi Nagar, Talwade Road, Chandwad, Dist. Nashik
Dr. A. N. Brahamne

Dr. A. N. Brahamne

  • Designation : Lecturer 
  • Qualification : D.H.M.S., B.H.M.S., M.D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 29848, 31-01-2001
  • Date of Birth : 02-01-1977
  • Date of Joining in the Institute : 21-09-2007
  • Mobile No. : 9422788776
  • E-mail Id :,
  • Address : Rajnandini Hs No 5. Vrundavan Nagar, Adgaon, Nasik
Mr. K. K. Patil

Mr. K. K. Patil

  • Designation : Lab. Assistant
  • Qualification : B. Sc. B. P. Ed.
  • Date of Birth : 06-07-1967
  • Date of Joining in the Institute:  10-09-1990
  • Mobile No.:  
  • Email ID:
  • Address:
Mr. R. R. Wagh

Mr. R. R. Wagh

  • Designation : Lab. Attendant
  • Date of Birth : 01-06-1973
  • Date of Joining in the Institute: 18-04-1990


Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Winter-2017 100 94 94.00%
Summer-2018 96 73 76.04%
Winter-2018 03 00 00.00%
Summer-2019 88 76 86.36%
Winter-2019 13 13 100.00%
Summer-2020  105  97  92.38%
Summer-2021 103 88 85.43%
Winter-2021  111  89  80.18%
Summer-2022 18 13 72.22%
Winter-2022 100 95 95.00%
Summer-2023 08 04 50.00%

Graph of Result

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Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Winter-2017  Mr. A. S. Narale 
Summer-2018  Miss. S. S. Tatiya 
Winter-2018  Miss. T. D. Gangurde 
Summer-2019  Miss. T. T. Jain 
Winter-2019  Miss. P. V. Thakare 
Summer-2020  Miss. S. S. Godse
Summer-2021  Mr. N. S. Bachhav
Winter-2021  Miss.  S. D. Mutha
Summer-2022  Miss. Samruddhi Dusane
Winter-2022  Miss. N. M. Golecha
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A session conducted by Dr. A. N. Brahamne sir on "How to deal with Exam Stress" at SNJB College of Engineering, Department of MBA.

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Dr. A. N. Brahamne conducted a lecture on "Importance of Applied Anatomy" at Motiwals HMC, Nashik on 26/07/22

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Image Alternative Text.

Dr. A. N. Brahamne conduced a Guest Lecture in Boys' Welfare Programme at SNJB's D. M. Bhansali English Medium School on 17/08/2023.

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Dr. A. N. Brahamne attended Basic Worshop in Health Science Education Technology from 20-22 September 2023

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Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 84 books.

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Miss. Sayyami Dilip Mutha

First Rank in Anatomy Subject with 322/400 marks in Winter 2021 Exam

Dr. A. N. Brahamne

Classifying the Repertories through Anatomical View in Vital Informar - November 2016 edition

Course Outcome

The course of Human Anatomy at first BHMS IS of one year taught in 200 Theory Lecture & 275 practical hours as per the guideline of central council of homoeopathy. Aim of this course is to provide student with comprehensive over view of the morphology & functional anatomy of the human body.

          The course deals with normal structure & function of the human body & Provide an insight to the implication of disruption of normal structure and function. During the course the lecture will address with different resources for covering all the systems of human body.

          In practical sessions students will have the opportunity examine prosecuted specimens and models of human body. This applied course provides students with skilled to prepare for clinical or health related careers. On satisfying the requirement of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to –

  • Identify and describe the major structure
  • Discuss the structural organisation and functions of each system of the human body
  • Apply their knowledge of human anatomy to solve questions regarding function and disease
  • Analyse their knowledge and skill to create effective anatomy teaching and learning tools.

Program Specific Outcome

Homoeopathic prescription is based on INDIVIDUALISATION.

            Uncommon, peculiar, strange, rare symptoms of patient are most important, when we have got knowledge of our subject(ANATOMY), we can easily separate out uncommon of the Patient from common (ANATOMICALY EXPLAINED) symptoms & prescribed the similimum To sick, to cure as it is termed (MISSION OF HOMOEOPTHIC PHYSICIAN).

It should be taught with the following aims:-

  • To provide understanding of the morphological physiology & psychological principles Which determine & influence the organism of the living body as a functional unit & hence we can understand psycho-neuro-endocrino-reticuloendothelial (immuniological)  axis of Homoeopathy
  • To correlate the structural organism &  normal physiology of the human body,  thus Provide the data on which to anticipate disturbance of functions will help to a graduate for understanding common aetiopathogenesis of disease
  • To recognize the anatomical & physiological basis of the clinical signs& symptoms of disorders due to injury, disease& maldevelopment, this will help for miasmatic analysis in Homoeopathy of different cases.
  • To give the student such knowledge of preclinical subject as will enable him ultimately employ competently & rationally all the methods of examination & treatment(of some surgical cases)
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