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Gynaecology Profile

As the science advances & trends change. So does a womens life from being born as a cuddly child, nurtured & nourished by the care of her parent. She steps slowly into this world blooms into a beautiful person a daughter, a home maker & finally a mother and her journey in the life continues. Living out each day to rise up as a complete women thus women is the core of her family and other members revolves around  her. Women is the "Janani", giver of birth to human race. Women is the "Shakti" the power. She is the embodiment of the love. These power sediments of hers are due to the special attributes of her body and of her body chemistry. Her body conditions when not properly handled, face some problems of health.

As the world celebrates womens day on 8th march, it is apt to teach & discuss certain health issues concerning her & that is given in the subject Obstetrics & gynaecology.

Our department deals with :

Gynaecology : The study of the diseases of female reproductive organs.
Obstetrics : The branch of medicine deals with pregnancy, child birth & puerperium.
Neonatology : Means branch of medicine dealing with neonate.
Therapeutics : Application of homoeopathic medicines in Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Neonatology.

Homoeopathy adopts the same attitude towards the subject as it does towards medicine & surgery. But while dealing with gynaecology & obstetrics cases we focused more on clinical methods of investigations for diagnosing local condition & individualizing cases. The surgical intervention either as a life saving major or for removing mechanical obstraction if necessary, As well as their management by using  homoeopathic medicine and other oxillary methods of treatment.

Dr. (Mrs.) J. R. Suryawanshi

Dr. (Mrs.) J. R. Suryawanshi

  • Desgnation : Professor  
  • Qualification : D.H.M.S., B.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 14017, 17-04-1986
  • Date of Birth : 03-10-1965
  • Date of Joining in the Institute: 20-09-1993
  • Mobile No : 8007679777
  • E-mail Id :,
  • Address : Flat No 6, B Wing, 2nd Floor, Aashirwad Glory Apartment, Sai Shiv Nagar, Near Nirmal Police Chawky and Rasbihari International School, Bali Mandir, Meri Link Road, Panchwati  Nashik 422003
Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale

Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale

  • Desgnation : Reader
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 21680, 25-11-1994
  • Date of Birth : 01-07-1969
  • Date of Joining in the Institute: 20-11-2000
  • Mobile No : 9422753953
  • E-mail Id :,
  • Address : Flat No 11, Jupiter Buld, Winsor Castle, Jayabai Colony, Behind Masobha Mandir, Nasik Road, Nasik,
Dr. S. S. Sangale

Dr. S. S. Sangale

  • Desgnation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : D.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 20606, 30-01-1993
  • Date of Birth : 01-05-1969
  • Date of Joining in the Institute : 15-01-1998
  • Mobile No : 9881723364
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Old Nagapur Road, Near School No. 3, Gurder Shop, Manmad, Dist. Nashik

Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Summer-2012 19 14 73.68
Winter-2012 53 46 86.79
Summer-2013 23 20 86.95
Winter-2013 41 40 97.56
Summer-2014 32 25 78.12
Winter-2014 65 61 93.84
Summer-2015  35  32  91.42 
Winter-2015  53  49  92.45 
Summer-2016 32 26 81.25
Winter-2016 73 70 95.89
 Summer-2017 29 28 96.55
 Winter - 2017 82 80 98.00
 Summer - 2018 91 85 93.40
 Winter - 2018 28 22 78.57
 Summer-2019 13 10 76.92
 Winter-2019 91 85 93.00
 Summer-2020 78 74 95.00
Winter-2020 21 19 90.00
Summer-2021 82 76 93.00
Winter-2021 31 27 87.00

Graph of Result

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Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Summer-2012  Miss. A. A. Jain
Winter-2012  Miss. D. V. Jadhav 
Summer-2013  Miss. T. A. Garge 
Winter-2013  Miss. S. M. Sharma 
Summer-2014  Miss. S. T. Dhondge 
Winter-2014  Miss. S. S. Binayakya 
Summer-2015  Miss. R. S. Chordiya 
Winter-2015  Miss. Urmila Jadhav

 Miss Madhura S. Kotulkar

 Miss. Poonam B. BHandari

Winter-2016  Miss. Rachana R. Bhalgat
Summer-2017  Miss. Madhuri Aher
Winter - 2017  Miss. Garima Ashok Jain
Summer - 2018  Miss. Vaishali V. Solanke
Winter - 2018  Miss. Puja Rajendra Nimase

 Miss. Harshada Nagare (2015)

 Miss. Pallavi Pawar (New)


 Miss. Aditi Ghnashyam Malkani


 Miss. Sejal L. Lunawat


 Miss. Shraddha N. Chaudhari


Miss. Sonal G. Tripathi

Winter-2021 Miss. Kajal K. Pawar

Upcoming Events



Date  Event                           
21-06-2015 As the Government declaired 21st June World Yoga Day, we also have celebrated here on the college ground at 7.00 a.m. all BHMS students teaching & non-teaching staff were present with full of enthusiasm. Programme was started with speech of Dr. Mrs. Suryawanshi. She talked about importance of Yoga in day-to-day life. Dr. Mrs. Arpana Pareek had given instructions about asanas & pranayams & i.e. followed by all the students & staff. Every one was enjoyed the programme & ended with National Anthum.

Gynaecology camp : on the occasion of International Women’s day our College & Hospital had arranged a medical camp for the females on 14th March 2015. Camp was inaugurated by renouned gynaecologist Dr. Mrs. Kulkarni from Nashik & Dr. Mrs. Sonawane from Pimpalgaon. In the camp every patient was observed & examine by the both gynaecologist to rule out any gynaecological abnormality & related symptomatology of cancer. 100 patients were attended & taken benefit of the camp.


Dr. Mrs. Kale S. R. has given gydance to the girls related their health problem in the shri. Neminath Jain Highschool.


Gynec camp was conducted at Shri. R. P. Chordiya Hospital, for detection of Uterine Cancer and Gynecological examination by Gynecologist Dr. (Mrs.) Ujjwala Bankar, Dr. (Mrs.) Devashri Sulakhe and Dr. (Mrs.) Priyanka Kasliwal. Total 78 patients reported for the same.


Dr.(Mrs.) S. R. Kale, Reader in the department delivered a speech on Pubertal Problems in girls at SNJB's Arts, Commerce and Science College.


Gynec camp conducted at Renuka lawns, CHandwad on 08/08/2016 where 900 patients examined and treated in coordination with rural hospital, Chandwad


Lecture on Puberty in Arts, Commerce College, Chandwad by Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Appointed as a Medical Councellor in Engineering College, Chandwad to Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Conducted women's Health Checkup camp at Digwad unde NSS by Dr. Mrs. J. R. Suryawanshi


Seminar on Health issues related females in Engineering COllege, Chandwad by Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Conducted Gynaec Camp in Shri. R. P. Chordiya Hospital, Chandwad & treated 130 patients.


As a faculty member Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale has conducted basic work shop in health sciences & education technology at Kakasaheb Mhaske Homoeopathic Medical College, Ahmednagar


Seminar on helath issues of females in Engineering College, Chandwad by Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Lecture on female health & diseases by Dr. Gauri Pimpralekar, Gynaecologist, Sahyadri Hospital, Nashik


Lecture on women's health & awareness in Arts, Commerce College, Chandwad conducted by Dr. Mrs. J. R. Suryawanshi & Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Conducted gynaec camp under NSS at Digwad by Dr. Mrs. J. R. Suryawanshi & Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale


Conducted speech on Puberty at Digwad School by Dr. Mrs. J. R. Suryawanshi


Conducted Gynaec. camp in Shri. R. P. Chordiya Hospital, Chandwad & treated 109 patients by Dr. Mrs. Kavita Sonawane, Dr. Ujwala Bankar & Dr. Mrs. Anjali Kulkarni


Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale has conducted Seminar on basic workshop in health sciences education technology in Motiwala HMC, Nashik


Gynaec. Camp conducted in Shri. R. P. Chordiya Hospital, Chandwad & 190 patients treated by Dr. Ranji Mehta, Dr. Mrs. Anjali Kulkarni & Dr. Mrs. Manasi Gachale


 Gynaec Camp at Hiwarkhede


 Lecture on Puberty at Kajisangavi


 Lecture on Antenatal care by Dr. Shridhar Dayama, Gynaecologist, Sonologist, Laproscopic Surgeon, Lasalgaon


Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale was appointed as a resource faculty for MET workshop of MUHS at MVP Nursing College, Adgaon, Nashik


Small group teaching in  Smt. K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College for Staff in cooperation with Dr. Aparna Pareek


Lecture on PCOD by Dr. Shriram Hirlekar,a Senior Homoeopath from Vengurla HMC

28-02-2021 Lecture on Importance of Health at SNJB's Polytechnic college Chandwad by Dr. J. R. Suryawanshi
03-09-2021 Dr. Suvarna Kale was a faculty in workshop on construction of MCQ at Smt. K. B. Abad HMC Chandwad
19-03-2022 Conducted Gynaecology camp at Shri. R. P. Chordiya Hospital and patients were checked (treated) by Dr. Ranjeet Mehta, Dr. Kavita Aher, Dr. Ashwini Pawar and Dr. Mayuri Sonawane.
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Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 122 books.

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Demonstration of mechanism of labour

Demonstration of mechanism of labour

Tubectomy Operation

Tubectomy Operation

Demonstration of Normal Labour

Demonstration of Normal Labour

Demonstration of occipito Posterior Position

Demonstration of occipito Posterior Position

Seminar on PCOD

Dr. Mrs. S. R. Kale

  • Puerperal fever with affection to urinary tract, Vital Informer, March 2017 
  • Abortion & its Homoeopathic Management, Vital Informer, June 2018

Course Outcome

  • A thorough grasp on Anatomy, Physiology of Female reproductive system.
  •  Knowledge about normal & healthy pregnancy, delivery & Puerperium.
  • Thorough knowledge of abnormal Gynaecological & Obstetrical conditions.
  • During Ante-natal check-up students will be able to advice the mother about high-risk Pregnancy  & its complications and make an appropriate referrals if required , also will have good communication with the mother to remove her fear & false notions about Pregnancy.
  • Should be able to elicit the basic difference between New Born infant, Diseases of new born& congenital abnormalities if any.
  • Should be able to stress more upon Care of the New Born following delivery & will educate the mother regarding importance of Breast Feeding.
  • Should be able to educate the Infertile Couple & will motivate other couples to implement Family Planning Measures who have completed their family.
  • Student will have base hold upon miasmatic approach & Homoeopathic application of medicines in various Gynaecological, Obstetrical & Neonatal cases.
  • Knowledge of Scope & Limitations of Homoeopathy.

Program Specific Outcome

  • Homoeopathic Physician must be trained in special clinical method of investigations for Diagnosing  local condition & individualising cases, the surgical intervention either as a life saving measure or for removing mechanical obstacals, if necessary.
  • Should have knowledge of preventive measures in normal & abnormal conditions.
  • Thorough understanding of homoeopathic approach in various cases.
  • Pregnancy is the best time to eradicate genetic dyscrasias in women & this should be specially stressed.
  • Should work on specific area or topic and get experience of Homoeopathy and publish in journals. (Research).
  • Paper presentation at national and international level.
  • Should develop proper communication skill with patient and attendant.
  • Homoeopathic physician should be a good human being so that he can give proper justice to the patient.
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