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Department Library

                Departmental library of Computer Technology Department is equipped with over 200+ reference books which cover complete syllabus of UG in Computer Technology as well as competitive examinations. Objective of departmental library is to promote the use of reference books not  only among the students but also for the faculties for their study. Apart from books, departmental library also helps the students by providing previous year project reports and seminar reports from previous academic years which are essential to provide guideline for the upcoming students. Students as well as faculty members avail the facility of library on a regular basis.

The library activities are supported by a team of dedicated staff for providing of a wide range of services -

Departmental Library Rules for Students

  • The Library will be functioning on all working days except Saturday.

  • Students without ID card and proper uniform will not be allowed to enter the library.

  • Students are not permitted to enter the library with bags and text books.

  • Students must satisfy themselves whether the books are in good condition, before they leave the library. If any damage is noticed, the same must be immediately intimated to the staff. Otherwise they will be held responsible for damages.

  • Marking, underlining, writing or defacing the books in any form, will lead to fine and other punishments.

  • A penalty will be imposed on the student for any damages caused by improper handling.

  • Students must maintain silence inside the library.


Available Books

Sr. No.ParticularsNumbers
1 Reference books 200
2 Donated Books 110
3 Specimen Copies 130


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