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Education of a country decides its future. Education is said to be the investment for the future. Education makes man perfect. It makes human being more social and democratic. Education provides knowledge that empowers human beings and makes them different from animals. We are different from other creatures only because we have brain which is developed due to the education. Mahatma Gandhi defines education as, "education is an all-round development of body, mind and spirit". It is our objective to provide education for the same purpose.

Education in primary schools is considered more important than higher education. Primary schools lay foundation of higher education. The child should enjoy the education and he should be encouraged for higher education. But the fact is that most of students do not complete even the basic primary education. There are many reasons behind it, but the lack of interest, boring teaching methods; careless teachers are some of the major reasons. Such conditions are majorly found in remote and rural areas of our country. In Maharashtra, the primary education is imparted through government, government aided and private schools. Government schools are run by local authorities such as Zillah Parishad, Corporation, Municipal council and Municipality in villages, towns and cities. Most of the students are getting primary education through Zillah parishad schools. These schools are imparting primary education at large.

Though there are adequate sources of imparting basic education till it is not satisfying. The quality remains untouched. Students from fourth and fifth standard are found to be unable to read and write in the first language.

SNJB Adhyapak Vidyalay is preparing primary teacher for these schools. Our vidyalay is established in 2007. It provides D.El.Ed. Course in Marathi Medium. Our objective is to prepare sensitive, competent, committed and professional teachers. We provide them maximum computer training and force to take practice lessons using PowerPoint presentation. I think, teachers should enter into the class with pen drive and laptop instead of chalk and duster.

Our vidyalay provides many curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I believe that the teachers should be well equipped with teaching methods and innovative techniques in teachings.
WE ARE TRYING TO PROVIDE PUPIL-TEACHERS THE MOST ACCEPTABLE AND INNOVATIVE TEACHING PRACTICES. Our goal is to bring quality in primary schools and it is only possible through teacher education institutions.

Mr.More Dhananjay Rambhau

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