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S.N.J.B’s Late Shri D.M. Bhansali English Medium School provides a well equipped library for enabling the students to explore the world knowledge.

The library subscribe the periodicals and has a rich stock of literature, reference books and a wide range of audio and video DVD’s and CD’s to viewing and listening habits.

The students are encouraged to fetch the books and inculcate good reading habits and improve love for reading.

The library is specious, airy with a magnificent piece of architecture making it a perfect place for reading. New additions are constantly made in order to keep the library abreast of the latest.

The libraries are the modern temples where knowledge is the God and the readers are the worshipers. School library provides physical and digital access to the students.

Issuing of the Books

There are two sections i.e. I to IV and V to X. weekly two periods are allotted for the library. In these periods students borrow the books and enjoy their reading. For reading where dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias are provided.

Various Programs arranged by the school related to the library

  • National Librarian Day - 12th Aug. (Birth anniversary of Dr.S.R.Radhakisan)
  • Visits to after libraries.
  • Documentary films on great legends.
  • House wise Debate competition.
  • Report Writing competition.
  • Celebration Birth Anniversary of Mervil Dewey (10th Aug)
  • General Knowledge Test.

Visits arranged to -

  • Digital library of SNJB'S Medical College
  • Digital Library SNJB'S Engineering College

Special Activities

The Representative from  each group of girls / Boys Will take one look from the library for a week and will discuss about the book with other group members. In this way students will get introduce with a new book every week.


1 Newspaper (daily) 04
2 Magazines 04
3 Fictions 400
4 Non Fictions 150
5 Encyclopedias 27
6 Dictionaries 18
7 Reference books 1000

Introducing computers early in education lays the foundation of most of the major competitive careers. It also influences student’s interest in further studies of Computer. By acquiring Computer knowledge at school level students can create simple documents, letters, school time - tables, mark sheets, charts, graphs, presentations on various topics, draw and colour the pictures, use scientific calculators.

Computer play a vital role in every field like education, medical, electronics, research, business, industries, transport, banking, communication and entertainment. It does not matter which profession you have, you still need a Computer.

Acquiring basic knowledge of various basic languages like Basic, C, C++ brings the interest to enter in the world of Computer programming or Engineering.

Newly introduced syllabus of ICT for std. X makes aware the students about Blogs, Forums, VoIP, E – mail, E-banking, E-commerce, E-governance, E-market, Modeling and Simulations.

With the help of Geogebra students can verify various theorems visually and creates more interest in Mathematics and Geometry.

To make the students Computer literate, the school has been provided a well-furnished equipped and specious computer lab with 40 computers along with the LAN and Internet facility. The lab is designed in client-server architecture with star topology.

Students from UKG to std X acquire practical knowledge thoroughly. In the presence and under the guidance of well qualified computer teachers all the students do the practical on separate computers assigned to them.

Each class having 2 practical periods in a week. First practical demonstration is given by the teacher with the help of LCD projector then the students themselves performs practical assignments given to them and improves their practical knowledge.

Along with the practical knowledge the deep knowledge of the theory is also given by the teachers to make their base perfect.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subject has been started for std. IX students from 2012 and for std. X students from 2013. The syllabus prescribed is taught with ease to the students.

The entire practical prescribed by Maharashtra State Board for std. IX and X are performed individually by each student.

S.S.C. Board practical exams are held by the teachers strictly and the record of works are sent to the Board very secretly.

Educational information can be searched and downloaded using Internet facility under the supervision of the computer teacher. Internet based practicals like searching information on related topic, creation of E-mail account, Blogs, locating a particular place and finding the route by Google map, translation of paragraphs in local languages are also taken.

Educational CD's help the students in this daily makes.

This helps in updating of the students in the field of technology which is the basic need of today.

Equipment available in Computer Lab

Sr. No.Name of the equipmentDescription
1 Laptop Server Intel Core I 3

Total Computers

a. Client Machines in LAN

b. Stand Alone Machines




3 All in one Printer (Print, Scan, Copy) HP DeskJet 1510
4 Projector InFocus
5 Headphone with Microphone I-ball
6 Speaker I-ball
7 UPS  
8 24 port LAN Switch  

Faculty Details

Sr. No.Teacher’s NameStandardQualificationExperience
1. Mr. Bhambare Hemant M. V-X - Computer IX-X - ICT M.Sc. (Computer) 09 Years
2. Miss. Gangurde Manisha S. UKG-IV - Computer M.C.M. 01 Year

The importance of laboratory in Science teaching

Science educators have believed that the laboratory is an important means of instruction in science. Since late in the 19th century. Science lab teaching assumes that first-hand experience in abbreviation and manipulation of the materials of science is superior to other method of developing understanding and appreciation laboratory training is also frequently used to develop schools necessary for more advanced study or research.

It is found that laboratory instruction increases student’s problem solving ability in physical chemistry.

Science Laboratories

The school has a well equipped science laboratory. Science in a practical subject teaching which can not be done properly only in theory form. For proper education of science, it is necessary to conduct various kinds of experimental works, which are practical in nature.

These practical functions can not be carried out in absence of scientific apparatus and equipments are arranged in systematic manner is called science laboratory.

Students learn to handle various apparatus and to think independently in the laboratory.

When students carry outs various kinds of equipments then they draw conclusions from their studies which raises their level of self confidence and develop scientific attitude.

When students themselves get the opportunity to take part in experimental processes then their area of experience get widen and their level of intuitiveness also gets developed, as a student of which they become people with wide mentality and open mindedness.

All the students have to carry out experiments collectively in the laboratory as often there is shortage of such facilities in schools. With such functions spirit of co- operation and team work gets developed among the students and they begin to appreciate the work done by other. Not only this, they also appreciable veins and ideas of others, which help them in becoming a successful person in their future.


Educomp system in India is largest educational device which promotes initiatives in education content and reaches in underserved communities of children. It focus o remote access with customized curriculum designed to serve the learning needs at the children Educomp smart class system support and sponsors disarranged students of children in the duration of its existence.

The only school in the turn, D.M.Bhansali English Medium School, Chandwad is situated with Educomp smart class. Each and every class from Nursery to Std. X in tarred with this system with its help teaching are made more alive which help the student to understood and group the with very easily and quickly.

Interactive classroom is a complete technology enacted classroom solution that address as the challenges by revolutionizing teaching and learning all the subjects. It is specially designed to focus on in – depth understanding of concepts and their practical applications. If makes the learning a more searing and fulfilling exercise for he depends by face-lifting the commotion of knowledge of conventional instruction methodologies.

This Digital class teaching also fosters activity; worst, vertical thinking and gaspers redline competencies like application of knowledge and problem solving. It gives multiple benefits to the teachers and students and empowers them to effectively complete the teaching and learning cycle. This has helped to transform traditional black-board and chalk class forms centers for students.

This type of teaching and learning will certainly brings major changes in the progress of the progress of the school and also innovates the knowledge of teachers and students.



SNJB'S Late Shri. D.M.B. English Medium School offers comfortable and well designed fleet of CNG buses for its students. The buses have been so designed, keeping view the safety of every child.

The school has 6 buses currently and runs a bus service to most rural areas of Chandwad. The routine of the buses is dependent upon demand in certain areas and is run on a no-profit-no-loss basis.

Bus fees are collected per term and bus services are available to all the students from year 3 onwards. The students are always accompanied by an attendant in the bus. Buses normally depart ten minutes after school gets over.

Detailed bus routes available as

Route 1 : Chandwad
Route 2 : Soundane-Umbrane-Chinchave-Rahud-Aherwadi
Route 3 : Vadali Bhoi- Malsane-Sogras- Adagaon Tappa
Route 4 : Vadner Bhairav- Khadakjamb-Sogras
Route 5 : Umrane
Route 6 : Kanmandale- Dhodambe-Shelu- Kheldari- Tangadi- Matewadi- Aherkhede-Mangrul

Please get in touch with Mr. Ashok Varkate at for details on the bus routes.

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