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Doctoral Studies Ph.D.

Our institute offers Specialization in Ph.D. studies

  1. Pharmaceutics

  2. Pharmacology

  3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  4. Pharmacognosy

Code of Ethics in Research

Researchers in scientific community should always appreciate a fact about several ways of useful of the content appearing in public domain.­ The published content remains in the public domain for years to come and can be used in several numerous ways to build up new hypotheses, work-on experiments, and gain results, acts leading to further content. Researchers spread world-wide put lot of hard-work that stems through the available literature. Hence, a researcher must be self-disciplined enough to publish a true, tested, and dependable content for the betterment of research community.

Equally important is to acknowledge and duly credit another researcher, whose efforts have helped one to pursue ones scientific goals. It is the prime responsibility of every researcher to abstain from the act of plagiarism and manipulation in order to gain honour and respect in the scientific community.

Our institute bears a reputation for its genuineness and integrity. To uphold the already high esteem of the institute, its members are abiding to publish authentic and honest content. To ensure the legitimacy of material to be published, our institute constitutes a Research Recognition Committee (RRC) entrusted with the responsibility to check against malpractices like plagiarism and manipulation.

Research Recognition Committee and its Duties RRC

Download a blank form for applying to the committee seeking permission to publish

Application to Research Recognition Committee Application 

The rules and regulations to be followed by the researchers willing to publish their respective research findings have also been stipulated by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

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