M Pharm

M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics)

Drug discovery and development has become increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive process. Due to this, there is an increased focus on designing novel and patentable technologies or delivery systems while maintaining efficacy, safety and improved patient compliance. This has led to a paradigm shift in drug delivery technologies from conventional dosage forms to controlled release and novel drug delivery systems using natural, semi & synthetic materials.

The department of Pharmaceutics was established in 2008 with an intake of 10 students, gradually increased to 15 students and is one of the key departments of the Institute. It is equipped with state of the art facilities/equipments like spray dryer, Fluidized bed processor, Freeze dryer and Franz diffusion cell and has competitative technical staff to undertake research in formulation development and delivery. The department also offers training for research students seeking PhD degree. The focused research areas of the department are

  • Preformulation studies

  • Formulation, Development of different pharmaceutical dosage forms including novel drug delivery systems & their evaluation with respect to in vitro and in vivo parameters.

  • Formulation development of in situ gelling systems, lyophilized systems and Mucoadhesive delivery systems.

  • Solubility enhancement studies, multiparticulate coating by Fluidized Bed Processor.

  • Investigation of natural materials as drug carriers.

The department has excellent placement record. Academic and research excellence is achieved by updating curriculum, syllabus and pedagogy to meet the current requirements of pharmaceutical industries, academics and regulatory bodies.

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