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Academic Year 2018-19

2018-19 Sem-1
Sr.NoDateResource PersonEvent CoordinatorTopic
 1 14/06/2018  Mr. S.R.Karode Dr. M.R.Sanghavi  Role of Teacher
 2 18/06/2018   All Parents Mrs. R.P.Bafna  Parent Teacher Meet
 3  26/06/2018  Mr. Praful Khabiya Ms. K. R.Nirmal  Expert Talk on A Strategic Guide to get Hired
 4  07/07/2018  Mr. Sandeep Shinde  Ms. M.D.Kawade Project Idea Elicitation
 5  09/07/2018  Mr. Nikhil Shingade  Mr. A.R.Bramhecha  Seminar on Importance of Cyber Security and its laws
 6  21/07/2018  Dr. S.D.Sancheti  Ms. M. D.Kawade  Seminar on Literature Survey
 7  25/07/2018  Mr. Sandip Karkhanis  Ms. M. D.Kawade  Project Planning & Management
 8  06/08/2018  Dr. M. R.Sanghavi  Ms. S.A.Chavan  Expert Talk on Data Structures & Algorithms
 9  25/08/2018  

Ms. Anushree Chavan

Mr. Aditya Desai
Mr. P.S.Desai  Seminar on Career guidance
 10  01/09/2018  Mr. K.M.Sanghavi Ms. M.D.Kawade Seminar on" Software Requirement Specification (SRS) 
 11  01/09/2018  Mr.Ratan Deokar  Mrs. S.V.Sinha  One Day Workshop on Linux Kernel Programming
 12  03/09/2018  Smt. Manjusha Lodha Sau Anjali Bafna, and Sau Suvarna Jain  Mrs. R. P. Bafana  Positive thoughts and Stress Management
 13  08/09/2018  All Students & Staff  Mr. A. R. Bramhecha  Teachers Day & Fresher’s Party 
 14  11/09/2018  

Mr. V. K. Wani

Mr. Dipak Sancheti
 Dr. M. R. Sanghavi  Seminar on Robotics for Staff of Computer & IT Department
 15  22/09/2018  Mr. Pushkar Kale  Ms. M. D.Kawade  Session on Design and Modeling
 16  24/09/2018  Mr. Pranit Thakur  Mr. V.K.Wani  Session on Angular 6
 17  29/09/2018  Mr. Ninad Gade  Mr. V.K.Wani  A Seminar on Agile Methodology
 18  1/10/2018  Mr. Nilesh Dalavi  Mr. P. N. Achaliya  Seminar on Cyber Security
 19  4/10/2018  Mr. A.L.Maind  Ms. S.A.Chavan  Computational Complexity
 20 6/10/2018  Mr. P.S.Desai  Ms. Y.K.Desai  Parallel Organization
 21 10/1/2019  Ms. S.J.Rayte  Ms. Y.K.Desai  Expert Talk on "Basics of Geometry, Trignometry and Vectors"
22 11/1/2019 Dr. Hitesh Thakare  Ms. M.Kawade Seminar on "How to Write and Publish Research Paper"
23 15/1/2019 Mrs. Reshal Shejwalkar  Mr. P.S.Desai Japanese Language Training
24 22/1/2019 & 23/1/2019  Mr. Aniket Thorave  Ms. M. D.Kawade  Two days workshop on Python Hands on Approach





Academic Year 2017-18

Sr.NoDateResource PersonEvent CoordinatorTopic
 1  2/04/2017  All Parents  Ms. S.A.Chavan Parent Teacher Meet
 2  12/07/2017  Mr. Sandip Gangurde  Ms. S.A.Chavan  Seminar on Project Idea Elicitation and Direction Toward Hackathon 2018
 3  19/07/2017  Ms. Amreen Kazi  Mr. V. K. Wani  Seminar on “Red-Hat Global Certification and Carrier Oprtunities in Open Source”
 4  19/09/2017  Mr. Suraj Sutar  Mr. A.R.Bramhecha  Seminar on Cyber Security and it's Importance
 5  29/07/2017  Mr. Vikas Kawade  Mr. P. N. Achaliya  Workshop on Visualization in Cloud Computing
 6  29-30/8/2017  Mr. Nilesh Dalavi  Mr. P. N. Achaliya  Two Days workshop on CSCU v2
 7  17/02/2018  Prof. R. M. Sonar  Mr. P. N. Achaliya  Seminar on Intellectual property Rights & Patent



Mr. A. R. Bramhecha

& Mr. S. B. Mahale
 Mr. P. N. Achaliya  

Workshop on Core Java and SQL



 Mr. Keval Gala  Ms. M.D.Kawade Student Interaction and Motivation for future 
 10  22/02/2018  Mr. R. R. Bhandari  Ms. M. D. Kawade  Awareness about Patent
 11  23/02/2018  Mr. A. L. Maind  Mr. V. K. Wani  Seminar on Block Chain Technology
 12  24/02/2018  Mr. Yogesh Bhalerao  Mrs. R. P. Bafana  One Day Workshop on Latex
 13  25-26/03/2018  Mr. Rohit Bag  Ms. Y.K.Desai  Two Days Workshop on Computer Graphics and Animation
 14  31-1-2018  Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi  Ms. S.A.Chavan How to Create Header file & Tips of programming 
 15  20-03-2018 Mr. Vaibhav Thorat  Mr. P.N.Achaliya  Job Opportunities for IT Engineers in Indian Navy


Ms. Shraddha Gangurde &       Ms. Rachana Bumb

 Mr. P.N.Achaliya  

Awareness of Internshala

 17  17-03-208 Mr. Shailesh Bovhate   Mr. P.N.Achaliya  Career Guidance Session
 18  23-03-2018 Prof. K. M. Sanghavi   Mrs. R.P.Bafna  

Seminar on Syntax Directed Translation


10/1/2018 to    13/1/2018


Mr.Amol patil

 Ms. S. A. Chavan  4 Days IOT workshop  for SE Students
 20 30/01/18 BE IT Students Mr. A.R.Bramhecha A Workshop on Android, PHP, Photoshop
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