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PG Lab-1 Laboratory

Lab-Information: The department of electronics & Telecommunication enginerring has well equipped & spacious PG laboratory. The PG Program – ME in VLSI Design were admitted in 2013 with intake 18 each. Research work undertaken by students and faculty have produced many high quality publications in journals with impact factors and quality conferences at national and international level


1. Develop an ability to use modern EDA tools necessary for IC Design.

2. Design ARM Processor based Embedded Systems.

Area (sq. m): 99.31 sq. meter

Major equipments/Kit: LCD Projector, Computer System, UPS, Printer,  EP 9302 ARM 9, EXP 9302 ARM 9, Atys sparton 6, etc.

Software Tools: VLSI, Xilinx 13.2, MATLAB 2014a

No. of PC: 16 (RAM 4GB, 500GB HDD, i3 Processor, 3GHz, 18.5”,windows 7)

Operating System: Windows 7

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. R. K. Agrawal


Control System Laboratory


Lab-Information: The aim of this Laboratory is to brace the students with an adequate work experience in the field of Control System, Mechatronics, Electronic Design and Projects. 


1. To provide the skills to students in the field of Control System and Mechatronics.

2. To provide the skills to students in the field of PLC and Automation

3. To provide the skills to students in the field of Project Development

Area (sq. m): 102.13 sq. m.

Major Equipment/Kit: The Laboratory is equipped with various functioning units like LVDT, Synchro Tx/Rx, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Strain Gauge, Vibration Sensor, Electro-pneumatic Trainer Kit, Logic Analyzer, Handheld LCR Meter, CRO, Function Generator, Dual Power Supply, DMM, PID based Temperature Control system, Various PLC based units like Bottle Filling Plant, Optical Rotary Encoder, Pick and Place etc. The Laboratory also has PCB coater cum Photo Resist Dryer, both Side Exposure, Etcher, Drilling Machine, Proto Circular Saw, etc. to facilitate the students for their projects.

Software Tools: Allen Bradely RsLogix

No. of PC: 2 Computer Systems (IBM Intel R Pentium (R) CPU 3.00GHz,3.00GHz 1.96GB RAM Microsoft Windows XP professional Service pack 3)

Operating System:Windows XP

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. Mechkul M. A.


Microwave Communication Laboratory


1.The Lab is equipped with Fiber optic trainer kits and module to enable the study of components of optical & broadband communication system.                                                                                                     

2.To Perform Practical related to Satellite & Microwave communication system by using Waveguides.

Area: 68 sq.meter

Lab Incharge: Prof. S. S. Thakare

Communication Engineering Laboratory


1. The Communication Engineering laboratory is mainly used to focus on Practical Exposure on Advance Communication especially in the Communication Areas like Analog Communication, Digital Data Communication, Antenna & Wave Propagation and Television & Video Engineering.

2. This Lab Exploit Spectrum Analyzer of Hameg for visualizing signals in Frequency Domain. Lab also comprised of variety of Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Area: 66 sq.m.

Major Equipment/Kit:  Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, True RMS meter, GSM Trainer kit, Antenna Trainer Kit,3G Mobile Trainer kit, PA system, Colour Tv Trainer, etc.

Software Tools: NIL

No. of PC: NIL

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. Memane S. B.


Switching & Digital Laboratory

Lab Information: Due to the Recent advancement in Processor Design Technology we Designate this lab especially to Develop Hands on Skills in Microcontroller and Microprocessors. Lab Comprised of Series of Development boards from 8 Bit Microcontroller like Phillips 89C51 to 32Bit ARM7 , also Latest ARM CORTEX. This Lab carriers both Hardware design with the help of Controllers and Emphasis on Assembly Level Programming Aspects with some flavor of Object Oriented Programming Languages base like C++ and JAVA. Lab exploit courses includes Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Microcontroller & Applications and Embedded Processors.


1. The reason for this lab is to make the understudies good with the ongoing applications utilizing Assembly Language and Embedded C programming of 8051, PIC, and distinctive Processors like ARM7, ARM9 and so on.

2. Principal knowledge of microprocessor like essential design, task, and unique reason applications, programming methods and investigating abilities, and so on - understudies may gain from this lab.

3. This lab is exceptionally useful to complete brilliant research works and to give a stage to the understudies for multidisciplinary ventures.

Area of Laboratory: 73.58 sq. m.

Major equipments/Kit: Microcontroller Trainer Kit PIC 18 FXX Series, ARM7 Development Board with All Interfaces on Board, ARM 9 Development Board for Embedded Linux, ARM cortex M3 board, At mega 328P Development Board, Universal Programmer, Digital Trainer Kit 16 I/O etc.

Software Tools: Keil IDE, TurboC, Arduino, Proteus 8, Eclipse, MPLAB

No. of PC: 17 Computer System (IBM Intel R Pentium (R) CPU 3.00GHz,3.00GHz 1.96GB RAM Microsoft )

Operating System: Windows XP professional Service pack 3

Progamming Tools: Keil, TurboC, Arduino, Eclipse, MPLAB

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. D. J. Pawar

Basic Electronics Laboratory

Lab-Information: The Laboratory designated to perform quiet core electronics sessions especially for Electronic Devices and Circuits. Lab comprised of variety of CRO, Function Generators, Digital Multimeter, Power Supplies. For sake of skill development amongst students Lab encompasses most of the Practical’s on Breadboard to feel like actual Circuit Designing and Testing


1. To provide students engineering skills by way of breadboard circuit design with electronic devices & components.

2. To design & analyze various electroni circuits.

3. To observe characteristics of electronic devices. 

Area (sq. m): 95.57 sq.m.

Major Equipment/Kit:  CRO, Function generator, Digital Multimeter, etc.

Software Tools: Nil

No. of PC: 1 (Operating System: Windows XP, service pack 3,  P4 3 GHz, 1GB RAM)

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. Y. S. Hon

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory


1. The objective of Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory is to conduct the practicals experiments of Basic Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering and Power electronics.

2. The Laboratory is equipped with variety of 3 Phase Induction motors, AC motors, Synchronous Motors, Squirrel Cage Motors.

3. This lab designated to perform basic practical sessions for First Year Engineering Students with above mentioned deadstock items and rheostat.

Area in sq.m. : 90 sq.m.

List of Major Equipments:  Single Phase Generator,DC Shunt Motor,DC Series Motor,Three Phase Induction Motor,Three Phase Rectifier,10KVA UPS,1Phase Induction Motor,Three phase rectifier

No. of PC:  01(P4 Intel Processor, 2GB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk)       

Name of Lab. In charge:  Prof. R. A. Geete

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Lab-Information: The objective of Power electronics laboratory is to conduct the practical’s of UG Course Power Electronics. Main components of this Lab comprised of single Phase Half & Fully controlled converter, three phase Full converter, Speed Control of DC motor,20 MHz Dual Channel power scope.The Power Electronics Lab enhances the students by providing them the better understanding of concepts & working of advanced power semiconductor devices & power electronics circuits.


Area (sq. m): 70 sq. m.

Major Equipment/Kit: 1 Phase Half & Fully controlled converter, 3 phase Full converter, Speed Control of DC motor, 20 MHz Dual Channel power scope, etc.

Software Tools: Nill

No. of PC: Nill

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. H. H. Mutha

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Lab-Information:  The well-equipped VLSI laboratory in the Electronics and Telecommunication Department possess range of equipment for design, verification and testing of PLD system for course of VLSI Design and technology. The PLD system available in the lab comprise of Spartan2 FPGA kits and their accessories. Along with VLSI, lab also holds TMS Processor kits essential for course of Digital Signal Processing. Dual boot systems having Ubuntu as secondary platform are utilized for course of System Programming and Operating System.


1.To provide resources for design, verification and testing of PLD system for course of VLSI Design and technology.

2.To provide platform to work on TMS processor For digital signal processing

Area (sq. m): 68 sq.meter

Major Equipment/Kit: Micro wind, DSP Processor TMS With CCS, XILINX 10.1, LENOVO PC Matrix Multiple appl. tricks module,  Matrix Multiple appl. tricks module base unit daughter module, etc.

Software Tools: Microwind, XILINX 10.1, Matlab R2009, TMS 320C6000 DSP platform Code Composer Studio DSK v3.1 IDE.

No. of PC: 15 (Lenovo thinkcentre, intel Core2 duo, 2GB RAM, 180 GB Hard disc, Windows XP and Ubuntu-Linux dual boot system)

Operating Systems: Windows XP and Ubuntu-Linux dual boot system

Name of Lab In-charge: Prof. K. S. Tated

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Lab-Information: Research Lab is designed and maintained to facilitate research in the area of Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering for UG as well as PG students. Embedded system and Robotics lab in collaboration with IIT Mumbai and NEX Robotics has started for the purpose of experimentation and learning for students as well as faculty. It consists of various robot and its accessories mainly including Firebird V2560, Spark V robot, Raspberry-Pi, gyroscope, Servomotor based gyroscope, accelerometer and various sensors, mk-II USB Programmer, GPS module etc.  


1. Research Lab is designed and maintained to facilitate research in the area of Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering for UG as well as PG students

2. Embedded system and Robotics lab in collaboration with IIT Mumbai and NEX Robotics has started for the purpose of experimentation and learning for students.

Area (sq. m): 120 sq. m.

Major Equipment/Kit: Two axis camera pod with Wireless camera, Firebird V2560 Robot, UPS 6000VA online with Battery Pack,

Software Tools: Nil

No. of PC: 13 


Name and Manufacturer




Lenovo think center Tiny model System

RAM 4GB, 500GB HDD, i3 Processor, 3GHz, 18.5”



IBM Computer System

Model 9215, RAM 1GB, 80GB HDD, p4 Processor



HCL System

RAM 1 GB, 40GB HDD, p4 Processor, 2.8GHz



IBM CPU + Lenovo Monitor

Model D56, RAM 1GB, 40GB HDD, p4 Processor


Lab In-charge : Prof. G. S. Pawar


Seminar Hall

Area (sq. m): 130 sq.meter

Name of In-charge: Prof. S. B. Memane

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