Current scenario of CPCSEA & promotion of animal research welfare of laboratory animal science

5th & 6th January, 2018


The Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) is a Statutory Committee, which is established under Chapter 4, Section 15(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. The primary objective of CPCSEA is to ensure that animals are not subjected to unnecessary pains or suff ering before, during or after performance of experiments on them. Animal welfare in our country is monitored by India’s first national animal welfare law, the prevent on of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 which makes cruelty to animals a punishable off ence, though except on are made for treatment of animals used for food and scientific experiments. In India various establishments are working with laboratory animal research and it is necessary to understand the ethical implementation of CPCSEA guideline. Keeping this aspect in view we have organized two-day’s workshop with the following objectives:
• To brief about the CPCSEA guidelines, their effective implementation and Promotion of
   Animal Research Welfare of Laboratory Animal Science.
• To understand Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and its subsequent amendments,
   documentations of the animal house and their basic implementation, responsibilities and working of IAEC.
• Hand-on various preparatory techniques.


Basic Principles of Spectroscopy & Applications in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 17th -18th January,

SNJB PharmaCon-2017

The changing era of scientific research escalates the views harbored by members of scientific community which is bestowed with the responsibility of providing sincere and true information to the coming generations. This
obligates the scientific community to make a good use of the available resources and transmit relevant information to future generations that shall be useful to them in making further progress of mankind. Spectroscopy is one of the indispensible tools in research, owing to the clandestine information it reveals, which has helped accelerate the progress of science, and with it, the progress of human being. In this conglomerate over spectroscopy, experts from varied fields of research will share their experience to emphasize the importance of several aspects in spectroscopy, and the transformation it is undergoing to meet several
challenges in research.

A conference is a chance to meet experienced people in the field and interact profusely with them while having plenty instances to exchange ideas. Such a chance should be reaped heavily to benefi t one’s future
conduit. Participants are appealed to stay, interact with the stalwarts of the field, and get benefited from the conference.


About Poster Presentation:

The Scientific and Novel Juvenilia Batten “SNJB PharmaCon-2017” provides a platform for the imminent researchers to present their efforts and findings in their relevant fi elds of interest. Best posters adjudged by the referees will be duly appreciated. The SNJB family welcomes you to a scientific event in a clean environment close to nature. We derive immense pleasure in providing consoling accommodation with homely feeling and wish you a pleasant experience and merry learning in the conference.

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