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The Department is a part of Homoeopathy faculty of Smt. K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhamashah Shri V. D. Mehta Dev-Vijay (Pune) Post Graduate Institute of Homoeopathy & Research Centre and Shri R. P. Chordiya Hospital, Neminagar Chandwad which is affiliated to MUHS, Nashik and is a constituent unit of Shri Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram (SNJB), Chandwad, Dist Nashik Maharashtra.

The department offers the UG as well as the PG Degree and is involved in the integrated teaching offered by other departments for Final BHMS students. The PG department participates in other Post graduates courses such as Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Organon of Medicine.

The Repertorization is not the end but means to arrive to the Simillimum together with Materia Medica based on sound principles of philosophy. The prime Aim of the department is to impart quality medical education & application of Homoeopathic principles in CLINICAL PRACTICE with Nation Building through character Buildings.

Teaching of repertorisation should not merely be reduced to rubric hunting exercise. Patient is not of bundle of rubric .Logic of repertory, is delivered from Organon of Medicine as such repertory should not be taught in isolation for this we are learning and teaching to student as -

  • Learning the language of Repertory is meaning of Rubrics in co-relation with Materia Medica in clinical experiences.  
  • Correlation of Repertory with Therapeutics & Materia Medica in clinical class.  
  • Hompath MD, Wildfire, RADAR 9.1, Opus & Simillimum Ultra softwares are regularly used for teaching cross repertorisation & cross checking.
  • Interns are doing repertorisation by using RADAR (9.1 and Opus) & Hompath (MD & Wildfire) from the case of OPD & IPD.

The department has separate UG and PG Library with adequate number of books in each library for reference purpose. The department has a computer lab with 5 computers and 5 Homoeopathic softwares which can be utilized for research purpose with internet facility.

Modern teaching methods e.g. use of LCD projector & OH projector and various Audio Visual aids are used for easy understanding & grasping the subject matter by students with attached  Audiovisual hall. The department organizes regular seminars inviting people of National and International repute.

The department has formed a rubric hunting bank of major repertories in the subject for more Practical training of students.  The department conducts regular internal assessment examination of the students to assess the academic performance. This helps the department to identify academically slow learners, so that emphasis can be given to them to improve their academic performance.

Dr. Mrs. Arpana Sandeep Pareek

Dr. Mrs. Arpana Sandeep Pareek

  • Designation : Professor  
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 28575, 26-03-1999
  • Date of Birth : 11-05-1976
  • Experience : 17 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9765310170
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Swami Samarth Nagar, Chandwad, Dist. Nashik
Dr. Sunil Indarchand Chordiya

Dr. Sunil Indarchand Chordiya

  • Designation : Professor  
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 28632, 30-03-1999
  • Date of Birth : 28-03-1976
  • Experience : 13 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9422767659
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Rh No. 2233(2), Krushinagar, Kotamgaon Road, Near Shivkamal Mangal Karyalaya, At Post Lasalgaon, Dist. Nashik
Dr. Sunil Rajmal Jangada

Dr. Sunil Rajmal Jangada

  • Designation : Reader
  • Qualification : D.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 26765, 10-06-1998
  • Date of Birth : 14-09-1975
  • Experience : 16 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9823041661
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Shreeram Nagar, Kotamgaon Road, Lasalgaon, Dist. Nashik
Dr. Suyash Sumatilal Surana

Dr. Suyash Sumatilal Surana

  • Designation : Assistant Professor  
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S.
  • MCH Registration No.: 42289, 18-01-2007
  • Date of Birth : 24-05-1982
  • Experience : 06 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9422274150
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : 11, Anmol Kohinoor, Tidke Colony, Nashik
Dr. Swapnil Anil Jain

Dr. Swapnil Anil Jain

  • Designation : Assistant Professor  
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S., M. D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 45575, 05-08-2008
  • Date of Birth : 22-08-1983
  • Experience : 02 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9422713638
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : M. G. Road, Lasalgaon, Dist. Nashik

Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Summer-2012  22 20  91.00
Winter-2012   37  36  97.45
Summer-2013   15  14  87.00
Winter-2013   47  44  94.00
Summer-2014   24  20  83.33
Winter-2014  39 37  92.50
Summer-2015   26  24  93.00
Winter-2015   60  54  90.00 
Summer-2016 39 38 97.04
Winter-2016 53 48 90.56
Summer - 2017 30 25 83.33
Winter - 2017 69 02 97.10

Graph of Result

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Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Summer-2012 Ms.  S .P. Chaudhary
Winter-2012 Miss A. M. Sheikh
Summer-2013 Miss. C. M. More
Winter-2013 Miss. S. K. Deshmukh
Summer-2014 Miss K. S. Jain / Mr. S. A. Pal
Winter-2014 Miss S. M. Sharma
Summer-2015 Miss. Arshiya Khan
Winter-2015 Miss. Swati Aghav
Summer-2016 Miss. Neha Thole
Winter-2016 Miss. Pooja Nandlal Jain
Summer - 2017 Miss. Nuzhat Ansari
Winter - 2017 Miss. Samiksha Nahar

Upcoming Events

Past Event

08/02/2010 Dr. A. K. Mohanty Art of Case Taking And Understanding Delusions
31/07/2010 Dr. Kannan Hidden Treasures of Repertory
06/08/2010 Dr. A. K. Mohanty Understanding Mind Section of Repertory
18/09/2010 Dr. Kishore Mehata PG approach to Homoeopathy
27/08/2011 Dr. S. K. Tiwari Basics of Repertory
12/09/2011 Dr. Sunil Ghodke Understanding Mind Rubrics
22/10/2012 Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad How to Study HMM & Repertory
12/02/2014 Dr. (Mrs.) A. S. Pareek Repertorial Approach to Thyroid Cases
19/04/2014 Dr. Shyamal Kishor Rubrics of delusion & delirium
17/11/2014 Dr. A. S. Pareek Introduction to synopsis
19/08/2014 Dr. S. I. Chordiya Steps to Repertorization
01/12/2015 Dr. A. S. Pareek Introduction to curriculum
06/08/2016 Dr. Yogesh Rathod Case presentation
25/08/2016 Dr. Ambrish Vijaykar & Group  Introduction to Homoeopathy Awareness
16/09/2016   Organised a Health Check up camp on Respiratory diseases by the department
17/07/2017 Dr. Ambrish Vijaykar & Group  Predictive Homoeopathy and theory of suppression
 10 & 12 October 2017  Dr. (Mrs) Arpana S. Pareek attended workshop on STUDENTS ASSESSMENT conducted by Health Sciences Education Technology as Univet Co-ordinator at MUHS
14-10-2017  A lecture conducted of Students Assessment by Dr. (Mrs) Arpana S. Pareek for the whole teaching staff of KBAHMC, Chandwad
02-04-2017 to 07-04-2017 Dr. (Mrs.) Arpana S. Pareek attended advanced workshop on Research Methodology for PhD student at MUHS, Nashik

Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 280 books.

  • Syllabus & Curriculam
  • Advance Teaching Programme
  • Paper Pattern

Dr. Mrs. A. S. Pareek

  • Hair and its care Published in Bulletin New Life Era – November 2013 Edition
  • A Comparison between Synthesis and Complete Repertory Published in Bulletin New Life Era – March 2014 Edition
  • Hahnemann’s Family in Bulletin New Life Era – April 2014 Edition
  • Case Study of Hypothyroidism in Bulletin New Life Era – February 2015 Edition
  • Therapetics Hints for female genitourinary complaints in homoeopathic practice by Dr. William D. Gentry - Homoeopathy the Friend of Health Oct. 2016 Edition
  • Fear and Phobia - A repertorial approach through synthesis repertory published in Homoeoshree Edition

Dr. S. I. Chordiya

  • Repertory of Key words in Bulletin New Life Era-September 2014 Edition
  • “Three Fold comparative study of section “mind” from BBCR and Kent’s Repertory” in Homoeopathy the Friend of Health March 2015 Edition
  • Second Prescription from 'Relationship f Remedies' section of BTPB - Vital Informer - Sept. 2016 Edition
  • Therapeutics Hints for female genitourinary complaints in Homoeopathic practice by Dr. William D. Gentry - Homoeopathy the Friend of Health - Oct. 2016 Edition
  • A case of second prescription from "Relationship of Remedies" Section of BTPB - Nov. 2016 Edition
  • Classifying the Repertories through Anatomical View in Vital Informar - November 2016 edition
  • Limitations of the Section "Relationship of remedies" of BTPB in Vital Informer Janyary 2017 edition.
  • Three fold study of section "Mind" of BBCR and Kent's Repertory" in College Bulletin "Mission" April 2017 Edition.
  • Prerequisites of Repertorization in Vital Informer - June 2017 edition.
  • Practical utility of "A Repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes" - Dr. Berkeley Squire View in Vital Informer - February 2018 edition


  1. Miss. Shalini Sharma of IV BHMS secured Gold Medal in Repertory Subject in November/December 2014 MUHS, Nashik Examination
  2. Dr. (Mrs.) Arpana S. Pareek appointed as a resource person to conduct Medical Education Technology workshop at Kakasaheb Mhaske HMC, Ahmednagar on 12th April 2017

Students Project

Sr. No.




 Study of Anacardium and Rhus Tox from Mind Section of Kent’s  Repertory

 Miss. Komal Pawar


 Study of Delusion of Belladonna, Hyoscyamus and Stramonium from  Synthetic Repertory

 Miss. Tasika Gaggar

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