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Homoeopathic Pharmacy is a subject at the curriculum of I BHMS.

It imparts education to the students about the preparation, distribution, dispensing of homoeopathic medicine.

The subject gives preliminary & essential knowledge to the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Organon of Medicine which constitutes the core area of Homoeopathic teaching.

The training in the subject is essentially a twofold process, both theoretical & practical.  It includes identification & collection of raw material, preparation, potentization, standardization & preservation or dispensing of finished products.

The pharmacological action of drugs & drug development is in the scope of the curriculum, with a progressive approach towards Drug proving. The legal & economic aspects about Homoeopathic medicine along with Industrial & clinical applications are imparted to the students.

The learning is fascinating & stimulating with assignments and observations at field visits or study tours.

Dr. Mrs. V.P. Jain (Lodha)

Dr. Mrs. V.P. Jain (Lodha)

Guest Professor
Area of Interest : Homoeopathic Practice & Teaching



Dr.  Mrs. Preety Pasad Kapadni

Dr. Mrs. Preety Pasad Kapadni

Associate Professor / Reader
B.H.M.S, M.D. (Homoeopathic Pharmacy)
Approval letter No. : MUHS/E-4/4302/591/2011, Dt.03-03-2011
Area of Interest : Homoeopathic Practice & Teaching Students



Dr. P. T. Sharma

Dr. P. T. Sharma

Assistant Professor
BMHS, M. D.(Hom)

Area of Interest : Homoeopathic Practice & Teaching Students

Mr. Kotwal Prakash Damu

Mr. Kotwal Prakash Damu

Lab. Attendant


Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Summer-2012 35 18 51.42
Winter-2012 95 83 81.65
Summer-2013 19 10 52.63
Winter-2013 103 71 68.93
Summer-2014 31 19 61.29
Winter-2014 110 73 66.36
Summer-2015 34 17 50.00
Winter-2015  115   96  83.48 
Summer-2016     71.42
Winter-2016     55.55




Graph of Result

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Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Summer-2012  Ms. P.D.  Borale
Winter-2012  Mr. R.A. Kothari
Summer-2013  Miss. P.J. Chavan
Winter-2013  Miss. K. N. Chottani
Summer-2014  Miss. M. S. Kotulkar
Winter-2014  Miss. P. A. Thole 
Summer-2015  Miss. A. A. Hiray

Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 95 books.

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