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Pathology Profile

Department of Pathology deals with Pathology with Microbiology, Parasitology & Immunobiology which is an eminent preclinical subject taught in II BHMS.

It is the basis of all the clinical subjects like Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology etc. which become very easy to understand, once pathological study is over.

Pathology a term derived from two words pathos meaning study off, so together its means study disease – its causation & the coupes it produce iin human being as macro & microscopic changes on cells & tissues. Now a days this forms an major criteria in diagnosis & also in all research activities related to action medicines etc.

The subject is studied in II BHMS & examinations both theory & practicals. The department is fully equipped with a very efficient staff to guide the students, all the required instruments to perform practicals, departmental library books, audio visual aids, CD’s, transparencies, etc. Charts, specimens, X-rays & many more to make the study of pathology easily comprehensible & interesting to study as well.


Dr. N. V. Doshi

Dr. N. V. Doshi

  • Designation : Professor  
  • Qualification : L.C.E.H., B.H.M.S.
  • MCH Registration No.: 12275, 26-02-1985
  • Date of Birth : 29-04-1962
  • Experience : 27 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9422258108
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Om, House No 2374, Nagai Colony, Chandwad, Dist. Nashik
Dr. S. S. Jain

Dr. S. S. Jain

  • Designation : Guest Reader 
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S., M.D. (Hom)
  • MCH Registration No.: 19903, 22-04-1993
  • Date of Birth : 01-07-1970
  • Experience : 06 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9822088858
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : A/3, Dalwala Chambers, Malviya Chowk, Panchavati, Nashik
Dr. S. M. Agrawal

Dr. S. M. Agrawal

  • Designation : Lecturer
  • Qualification : B.H.M.S.
  • MCH Registration No.: 32781, 28-01-2002
  • Date of Birth : 09-10-1977
  • Experience : 11 Yrs.
  • Mobile No : 9422756838
  • E-mail Id :
  • Address : Somwar Peth, Chandwad, Dist. Nashik

Supportive Staff

Mr. M. R. Jadhav

Mr. M. R. Jadhav

  • Designation : Lab. Technician
  • Qualification : B. Sc. D.M.L.T.
  • Date of Birth : 11-06-1962
  • Experience : 25 Yrs.
Mr. R. D. Ghumare

Mr. R. D. Ghumare

  • Designation : Lab. Attendant
  • Qualification : H.S.C.
  • Date of Birth : 24-09-1990
  • Experience : 09 Yrs.

Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Summer-2012 28  21  75 
Winter-2012 47  34  72 
Summer-2013 39 28  72 
Winter-2013  76  58  76 
Summer-2014  47  32  68 
Winter-2014 69  51  74 
Summer-2015 42  22  52 
Winter-2015 88  70  80 

Graph of Result

Image Alternative Text.

Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Summer-2012 Miss. T. A. Garge
Winter-2012 Miss. S. A. Patani
Summer-2013 Miss. P. P. Shirsath
Winter-2013 Miss. R. K. Pachorkar
Summer-2014 Miss. P. J. Badwar
Winter-2014 Miss. U. C. Jadhav
Summer-2015 Miss. A. R. Ansari

Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 91 books.

  • Syllabus & Curriculam
  • Advance Teaching Programme
  • Paper Pattern

Course Outcome

After completion of 2nd BHMS

  • Student should know the importance of pathology and microbiology in relation to study of homoeopathic Materia medica
  • Student should know pathology and microbiology in relation to study of Organon of medicine.
  •  Student should able to Correlate of miasm with and pathology
  • Student should know Characteristics expression of each miasm.
  • Student can able to classify the symptom and disease according to pathology.
  • Pathological finding of disease; their interpretation, correlation and usage in the management of patient under homoeopathic treatment he should know thourally.

Program Specific Outcome

  • Graduates should be able to diagnose disease by on the basis of pathology.
  • Graduates should be able to Understand Identification of various pathological conditions useful for diagnosis of genus epidemicus.
  • Graduates should be through in pathology in order to advice investigation for diagnosis.
  • Graduates should be able to understand the pace of disease through pathology to understand susceptibility.
  • Graduates should be able to understand depth and severity of disease in order to prescribe similimum in correct potency.
  • Graduates must have knowledge of microscopic features in detail in order to diagnose neoplasia.
  • Graduates can able to utilise in his homoeopathic practice Boger synoptic key which is based on pathological general.
  • On the basis of pathogical condition graduates can able to differentiate between curable and incurable diseases.
  • Pathology will help graduate to understand scope and limitation of homoeopathy
  • Students must able to all Laboratory test for diagnosis and prognosis of patient (ESR,C-REACTIVE PROTEIN)

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