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Anatomy Profile

Human Anatomy is a subject of Basic Medical Science dealing with structure of human body in Health.

The department is having experienced staff in compliance with the minimum standards of education of Central council of Homoeopathy Regulations.

The teaching in Anatomy comprises of theory lectures and practical dissection of human cadavers (Dead bodies).

There is a huge stock of dissected parts and organs available for giving firsthand information regarding human body structure.

The museum of the department of Anatomy is one of the best museums among Homoeopathic medical colleges with variety of mounted specimens and charts.

The department has initiated "Dead Body Donation" programme to make availability of fresh cadavers for dissection by accepting voluntary body donation.

Museum :   900sq ft With gallery. Displayed dissected parts & charts Students are learning on them. 
Dissection Hall :   1500sq ft. students are dissecting the dead body in a group of 35 students
Cadaver room :   For the storage of 10 cadaver.

SubjectWrittenPractical (including oral)Total
 Full marksPass marksFull marksPass marksFull marksPass marks
Anatomy 200 100 200 100 400 200
Dr. V. V. Ghodke

Dr. V. V. Ghodke

Experience : 22 Years


Dr. A. N. Brahmne

Dr. A. N. Brahmne

Assistant Professor / Lecturer
D.H.M.S., B.H.M.S..M.D. ( HomoeopathY)
Experience : 14 Years


Mr. K. K. Patil

Mr. K. K. Patil

Lab. Assistant
B.Sc. B. P. Ed.



Mr. R. R. Wagh

Mr. R. R. Wagh




Guest Reader

M.B.B.S., D.A.

05 Years


Month & YearNo. of Student AppearedNo. of Students Passed% of Result
Summer-2012 48  17  35.41% 
Winter-2012 120 75 62.50% 
Summer-2013 42 28 66.14% 
Winter-2013 108 65 60.18% 
Summer-2014 42 16  38.09% 
Winter-2014 124 79  63.70%
Summer-2015 37 15  40.54%
Winter-2015 122  83 68.03% 
Summer-2016 134 86 64.17%
Winter-2016 50 26 52.00%

Graph of Result

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Month & Year of ExamName of the Student
Summer-2012  Miss. S. R. Nikam
Winter-2012  Miss. P. R. Rasane 
Summer-2013  Miss. M. A. Sonawane 
Winter-2013  Miss. C. K. Karhale & Miss. Urmila Jadhav 
Summer-2014  Mr. M. A. I. A. Shaikh 
Winter-2014  Miss. D. R. Kothari 
Summer-2015  Mr. R. K. Ghevriya 
Winter-2015  Miss AYushi Thakkar
Summer-2016  Miss. Apurva Jain  
Winter-2016  Miss. Shubhangi Gangurde

Departmental Library is for the ref. of books for the department which includes more than 90 books.

Anatomy Photo Gallery

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