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It gives me a great pleasure in thanking the almighty god for giving me this opportunity to be a member of SNJB’S prestigious institution. I pray to the lord, the teacher per-excellence, to enable all the members of SNJB school, through their education at efforts to bring peace, prosperity, productivity and pro-active relationships with all.

Education is one of the most important issues concerning the progress of the country as millions are left behind in the race of development owing to the lack of education. Education today still remains a far cry for the children belonging to the underprivileged classes, which await benefit of globalization and liberalization to trickle down.

We are on a path of building an ideal structure for education, liberal ideas and atonement in Science and Technology which would prove best for our future generations. We try to encourage our children to unleash their fullest potential. We also believe that every child is unique in nature with varying needs. Therefore, by fostering conducive environment full of love, care and creativity we instill in our children a desire to learn with emphasis on their social, emotional, physical aesthetic and intellectual developmental aspects. Our aim is to work unanimously to unleash the inherent intellectual, social and emotional capacities of all students who pass through the gate of SNJB Institution as we strongly believe in "A school with vision and mission..." concept.

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