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Secondary section provides the learner with opportunities to acquire necessary knowledge, skill and attitudes for the development of the self and the nation. Promotes love and loyalty toward the nation.

To develop attitudes such as mentally, social, moral, physical and spiritual. Enhance understanding and respect for own and other peoples cultures promote positive environmental as health practices to build a firm foundation for further education. Develop ability for critical thinking and rational judgment develop into a responsible and socially well adjusted person.     Enhance enjoyment in learning develop into a self disciplined who appreciates work and manages time properly. The knowledge and skills gained during the middle school years equine the students with a firm academic foundation to pursue variety of educational options in the future. Students are presented within opportunities to research, solve problems and come to their own conclusions and make decisions.

Innovative methods of teaching are a goal of our teaching. Teaching students in wags that keep them engaged in the material can sometimes be a challenge.

Visualization, technology tools and active learning goes on in our school. Finding new and innovative methods of teaching is a skill of our school teachers secondary school teachers teach one or more subjects within the school curriculum to secondary students. Subject are as includes English, Math’s, Science, History, Geography, Drams, Music, Dance, Health and Physical education design, ICT, languages other than English.

Daily lessons and long term teaching programmes in accordance with state territory curriculum and guidelines. Teachers use a variety of methods, including formal lesson discussion, practical activities, experiments, projects, assignments and excursion, taking into account the differences between individual students.

Set tests exams, projects, home work, mark and correct assessments and sort the results evaluate and report on the progress of students and discus individual performance and problems with students and parents, Supervise extra classes when teachers are absent supervise students in the premises during lunch time and other breaks. Field visit to are done to understand the subjects in better way Co-ordinate work experience.


An English teacher of secondary section teacher student’s communication writing and critical thinking skill in response to a wide area of literature and media. They guide students in understanding the different concept and themes that are present in literacy and media- based material and inform them of their historical content. Provides the students to learn the various communication skills of English. Writing and critical thinking skills in response to a wide area of literature and media. They guide the students in understanding the different concepts and themes that are present in literacy and media based material inform them of their historical content.


Through it students learn fundamental of mathematics in areas such as geometry, calculations, algebra and statistics. They help the students to develop analytical skills through the applications of mathematics in everyday life.


Helps the students to improve their scientific views. They get chance to do experiments. Through this students do research and take part in science exhibitions at state and national level.

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