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Pre-Primary Introduction

"Twinkle twinkle little star... How I wonder what you are... Up above the world so high... Like a diamond in the sky"

According to the rhymes our kids are shining in the world like a star. Early childhood Development and pre-primary education are widely recognized and has significant impact on the subsequent performance of childhood in basic education programmes. It lays foundation for acquiring basic literacy and numerous skills.

According to Madam Montessari the place where the development of children takes place should be called ‘Balmandir’. In this temple, children should feel encouraged and should forget about other things.

The main aim of pre-primary section is to give the students quality education.

To nurture and develop every child to become responsible and caring member of the community. To provide an enjoyable curriculum in a high quality stimulating environment.

The goal is seldom achieved. For achieving the expected aims the first step is educomp smart class, the finest feature i.e. Educomp smart class helps to achieve the aim of imparting quality education with audio visual facility.

Smart Class


Age group

3 to 6 years our SNJB’S D. M. Bhansali English Medium School believes pre-primary education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses. Our infrastructure and unique teaching methodology allows us to help the child develop his senses with interactive puzzles, group exercise and object manipulation supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure progress. There are seven classes of pre-primary section. From Nursery to Senior K.G. There are seven teachers and four attendants working for pre-primary section. Computer, Drawing and craft, physical training is also taught. SNJB’S D. M. Bhansali English Medium School offers Nursery, Junior and Senior K.G. curriculum has a child centered and activity based approach. A wide spectrum of training is given to the children covering originative reading and writing skills and process of teaching is full of fun and practical also.

The salient features of pre-primary curriculum

  • Play way Method : Fun Learning
  • Maria Montessori : Focus on exploration and learn
  • Waldorf : Holistic development - Development of mind, body and soul.
  • Creating a sense of inquisitiveness in the child by encouraging them to explore, ask questions and draw logical conclusions.
  • Introduction of basic mathematical exercises in a simple and tangible manner with gradual progression. The focus is on problem solving.

Academic start for morning prayers

Prayer is the Vehicle for daily dialogue with one who created us. The importance of daily communication for pre-primary students through English can not be overestimated. Daily prayer is a way to knowledge who is really in control of lives. Daily prayer gives us opportunity to share all aspects of our lives with God.

Morning Prayers

  • Navakar Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • God Bless Mummy
  • Thank You God
  • Praise him
  • Every Morning
  • Dear God be with me
  • Itani shakti hame  
  • Give me Oil...
  • Hey Prabhu Anand Datta...

* Strength - Nearly 250 students are taking education in this institution.

Expert Staff Members

 Teachers NameDesignationQualificationClassesStrength
1 Miss. Alexander Suja N. Asst. Teacher B.A.Montessori ATD. Nursery 55
2 Miss. Kapase Harshala Asst. Teacher M.A.B.Ed. LKG A 45
3 Miss. Tripathi Vinita S. Asst. Teacher M.A. Montessori LKG B 45
4 Miss. Patil Rachana A. Asst. Teacher M.A.B.Ed. UKG A 50
5 Miss. Gupta Ritu K. Asst. Teacher B.Sc. Montessori UKG B 50
6 Miss. Jagtap Sheetal K. Asst. Teacher B.A.B.Ed. -  
7 Miss. Chaudhari Kamal A. Asst. Teacher B.A.D.Ed. -  

The method applied for delivering the knowledge for pre-primary section is totally different. Dancing, singing, showing real things, magnetic slates, smart class, blocks, Abacus beads etc. are the teaching tools. An academic subject includes English, mathematics, General knowledge, Hindi, Drawing, Craft, Computer, Music, Physical training etc.

Physical Training and Games

Innovative Educational games and physical Exercise  which are conducted early in the morning to make the students Physically fit and along with exercise learn some educational games which imparts the ideas of Counting, moving, jumping, hopping and sharing.

Regular exercise makes the students aware about various rules and regulations followed to perform perfect exercise. Being together, coming together, sharing the things, developing the quality of leadership are the important features of the educational games.

Physical Training

Art and Craft

Art and craft which are the favourite subjects of the students are taught practically with proper instructions which make the students happy and satisfied we see the finished material prepared by the students.

The immense happiness which is seen on the face of the child is not worthy.

Various activities like paper cutting, clay modeling, coloring, patching, etc. are done by the students.

Art & Craft

Educational Trips

Educational trips are arranged at various places for entertainment and fun.

Cultural Programmes

The importance of social and cultural activities in preparing students for real life. The aim of cultural programme is to give the student conducting stage daring, confidence and boldness right from the childhood. Extra activities teach students how to work for the common goal and this ultimately develops a sense of responsibility in them. It increases the level of confidence and co-operation.

People of different religion and culture live side by side in almost every part of the world and most of us have overlapping identities which unite us with very different group.

Monthly cultural programmes are conducted for pre-primary section.

For overall development cultural programmes are story-telling, fancy dress, Garba-dance etc.

Cultural Program
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