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Parents Teachers Association


S.N.J.B’S Late Shri. D.M. Bhansali English Medium School is a unique knowledge center in rural area. Pleasant atmosphere attracts each and everyone. The school provides special attention to the students not only in education but also in all co-curricular activities.

P.T.A. plays vital role in development of the school. Without various ideas and suggestions it is not possible to achieve main goal. P.T. Association parents under a broad purpose of securing educational advantages for children. Their activities vary from school to school, but generally include participation of P.T.A. members and their memorable suggestions.

There are same important values regarding P.T.A.

  • Collaboration

    P.T.A. works in partnership with a wide point of view to give chance for individuals and organizations. It enhances our ability to serve and advocate all children and families.

  • Commitment

    P.T.A. is dedicated to children's educational success, health and wellbeing through strong feelings while remaining accountable to the principles with our devotion.

  • Respect

    We value the individual contributions of members, employees, volunteers, as we work collaboratively to achieve our association’s goals.  

  • Accountability

    All members, teachers have a shared responsibility to align their efforts towards the achievement of our associations strategic efforts.

P.T.A. organizes hardworking, dedicated, devotional views to help implement in the school. P.T.A. frequently co- ordinates production of a school quality based activities.  Regular meetings allow P.T.A’s to share information with members.

Involved parents understand the challenges school faces and become part of the solution by developing a closer relationship with parents, school and student’s achievement improves and develops a positive regulation in the community.

P.T.A. can help Schools betterment in each and every point. By conducting various interesting activities on the stage, hidden innate potentialities of the children are exposed.

Parents Teachers Association

1 Mrs. V.D. Marne Chairman
2 Mr. Vilas Laxman Sonawane Vice Chairman (Secondary)
3 Mr. Hemant Ramesh Ghodke Vice Chairman (Primary)
4 Mrs. Kavita Nilesh Surana Joint Secretary (Secondary)
5 Mrs. Manisha Sadashiv Bhamare Joint Secretary (Primary)

Teachers Representatives

  • Secondary Section
    Mr. Thakare N.B.
  • Primary Section
    Mrs. Sugandhi R.R.

In this association class wise one parent’s representative is included. P.T. Association gives dynamic direction to schools betterment.

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