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Sport Committee Members

Sr. No.Name of Committee MemberDesignationContact No.
1 Mr. Vaidya Sameer Avinash Incharge 9975125387
2 Mr. Kotkar Balasaheb Sonyabapu Asst. Incharge 9860339069
3 Mr. Ahire Devendra Shankar Member 9921393050
4 Mr. BhambareHemantMadhukar Member 9860288973
5 Mr. Sawant Bhushan Rajendra Member 9890139560
6 Mrs. Gupta RituKamlesh Member 9021967522
7 Mrs. Sugandhi Rupali Rajesh Member 9420832155
8 Mrs. Tripathi Vinita Shatrugan Member 9579083852
9 Mrs. Khairnar Niranjanai Abhimanyu Member 9403133199
10 Mr. Galande Mahesh Manohar Member 9766306716

Aggressive competition has become an inseparable part of the modern life. Instead of seeking innovative paths, everyone chases the professional stereotypes. This retrace brings in its wake lifestyle diseases like stress and tension. Courage and conviction give way to blind rage: noble ambitions yield to sheer greed. All this lead to mental and physical ruin of the young generation. The need of the hour is not to acquire physical fitness to perpetuate the existing evils but to achieve mental and physical fitness as a cultural components of personal well-being.

School has given due consideration towards the age and capacity of the children to perform various activities on the field. School will help to bring about balanced development of the child. School also promotes Yoga and Pranayam to make children health-conscious and improve their concentration and refresh their minds. Yoga experts are invited to give seminars of Yoga. Healthy mind in healthy body i.e. if mind is healthy then certainly body will be healthy which is the key to build student’s career and make them successful in their lives. School has given importance to health education, good hygiene, diet and first aid which will make children aware about cultivating good habits amongst them. School helps the child to strive for optimum physical fitness and face the challenges of life. School provide ample opportunities to all the students to show their skills in various fields. School encourages the students and inbuilds optimism in them to build bright and firm future.

Special coaches are appointed for Volleyball and Basketball. Extra coaching is given to the children after the school hours. Students have come with flying colours in the state level and district level matches of Volleyball and Basketball. Emphasis is given on the other games like Kho-Kho, football, badminton etc. students are also tried for athletic events like 100 m. run, 400 m. relay race, discuss throw, javelin throw, long jump, high jump etc. Experts are appointed to train the students in different events. Students have participated in athletic events and shone like diamonds in various events in the interschool competitions.

School students have been divided into RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE houses to motivate students to play with full zeal and enthusiasm. Victories are in the feet of effort takers. Victorious students are encouraged with the awards. Sports meet is held every year to encourage the students to play various sports.

Sports inculcate the value of sportsmanship spirit which is the strongest backbone for any player to achieve his desired goal with optimism and become a successful player. Success dwells in the houses of strugglers. School is striving to give such successful and civilized citizens to our country.

School has specious playground of Hockey, Cricket, and Football etc. Experts are striving hard to develop all the skills related to various games. Children are practicing various games enthusiastically. Indoor games like Chess, Table-tennis are played in the school. Students are also trained for aerobics and they are also provided video games to enjoy various games.

Sport day is celebrated in the memory of Major Dhyanchand, the magician of Indian Hockey with great pomp and reverence. On this day school organizes various matches of different games and children are encouraged to play games. Sports and health are two sides of a coin. Sports improve concentration and make children healthy.

  • Morning Assembly brings about freshness and physical discipline in the students. Halt an hour which has been scheduled for the assembly updates the students in various activities of students on the assembly ground builds up massage, boldness and heathy attitude I the minds of the students.
  • Various cultural programmers on the stage like prayer, songs, moral stories, educational news, messages thoughts and various burning news of the world improves general aspects of the students.
  • Praying to the almighty everyday gives strength and inspiration to the students. Standing altogether develops the habit of socialism developed child is always ready to take the world very strongly and abruptly. Uniformity and uniqueness is the main aim and objective of holding assembly regularly.

S.N.J.B'S Late Shri. D.M. Bhansali English Medium School is a culture builder. As for as the discipline is concerned, school pays proper attention. School's discipline has two main goals.

  • To ensure the safety to students.
  • To create an environment conducive to learning.

It is important to keep the ultimate goal in the mind while working to improve school’s discipline.

The goal of good behavior is necessary but not sufficient to ensure academic growth. Effective school discipline strategies seek to encourage responsible behavior and to provide all students with a satisfying school experience as well as to discourage misconduct.

The purpose of discipline is to help the individual to acquire knowledge, habits, interest and ideal which are useful for the society.

S.N.J.B’S Late Shri. D.M. Bhansali English Medium School is well-known in Nashik district for its top most discipline. Discipline plays a vital role in the life of students. Discipline is one of the basic environments of civilized life. Society has to set certain norms for people to follow. Everything in this world is governed by a definite set of laws.

However, discipline does not mean strictly, the withdrawal of personal liberty and authority. On the other hand it provides one with the guidance to use its freedom in a right manner.

S.N.J.B’S Late Shri. D.M. Bhansali English Medium pays attention on discipline during various activities e.g. Sports, exhibitions, Annual social gatherings, assembly competitions. Due to discipline we all are the goal achievers in perfect and proper manner. "Discipline teaches us how to live in our life".

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