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Life today has become so complex that examination play a vital role in one’s educational career. Examinations are important as they compel the students to revise the lessons and learn. They enable to get an idea of a person’s knowledge of certain subjects. Exams are essential in schools to evaluate the skills, talent and knowledge of the students. The student’s ignorance of those subjects which are difficult or of their dislikes can be discarded only by compulsory exams of each subject. Regular attendance becomes necessary inorder to get through the exams. Students get motivated towards their studies to achieve their best performance. The attitude of scoring the highest marks to fulfill their dreams makes the student to the competitive among the others. Exams train us to develop the perfect habits of punctuality, expressing our thoughts and ideas, time management and improvements in writing skills and self learning.

The main objective behind conducting the Test/Examination is to monitor orals, practicals and written examinations. With the assistance of internal and external examiners and moderators the assessment of answer papers is done.

In order to examine the students abilities of learning two tests and two examinations are conducted during each term along with orals and practicals. The assessment of internal evaluation and of exams are maintained in the Cumulative Evaluation books. Open houses for parents are held after every test and exam to evaluate the progress of their child/ward.


The Examination committee is the heart and main organ of the school which is headed by the Examination In charge and is assisted by other members for examinations, record maintenance and administration of its committee. The main function of this committee is to conduct examinations, arrangement of results and award certificates to the students who have passed out with flying colors. This committee keeps the record of every test and examinations and also holds workshops and seminars for the improvement of examination system.


  • Competitive exams develop students’ ability to respond the complex factual questions spontaneously and logical thinking. It helps to bring their knowledge up to the skill level by developing their aptitude and comprehension power.
  • Competitive exams of different types can enhance the competitive spirit among the students and will encourage them to participate in national and international level competitive exams.
  • To compete for the examinations school conducts Science, Maths, General knowledge, Hindi, English, Computer and many more subjects Olympiad external exams to build the confidence of the students.
  • By participating in the competitive exams the students IQ increases also the competitive vision is developed, their knowledge is updated with the preparations for these exams which adds to their versatile personality in accordance to the changing.
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