Master of Business Administration

Vision & Mission Statement


To become world class management education hub by transforming aspiring students to meet the challenges & rigors of today’s competitive world.



As a catalyst we comprehend brilliance through academic excellence, leadership & intellects for our diverse profile learners.

MBA Profile


MBA Department was established in 2010. We are committed to impart high quality education and exposure to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook. We develop our students with the capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and the world at large. By introducing new specializations and adopting an innovative pedagogy, the institute has been constantly working to develop professionals with vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage the change. Isolated expertise in functional areas of Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations is giving way to a composite and unified approach to managing business processes. Effective decision-making requires an integrated understanding of all business functions; this guiding philosophy is firmly rooted in reality at our institute. Methodologies of business management are being shorn off the traditional practices and new holistic approaches are being developed.


PG Programme Master of Business Administration

  • Sanction Intake : 60
  • Duration : 2 Years
  • Course Code : 517310110


Specialisation offered.

  1. Marketing Management (MKT)
  2. Financial Management (FIN)
  3. Information Technology Management (IT)
  4. Operations Management (OPE)
  5. Human Resources Management (HR)
  6. International Business Management (IB)
  7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  8. Rural &Agribusiness Management (RABM)
  9.  Family Business Management (FBM)
  10. Technology Management (TM)
  11. Banking and Insurance Management (BIM)
  12. Healthcare Management (HM)
  13. Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
  14. Services Management (SM)
  15. Retail Management (RM)
  16. Digital Media & Communication Marketing(MC)
  17. Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)
  18. Defense Management (DM)



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