Takrar Nivaran Samittee

Takrar Nivaran Samitee has set up for maintaining the healthy and safe environment for Students & Employees on campus. So, all employees & Students may approach the cell members to resolve their complaints if any.

Functions of the Committee:

  • To address the informal and formal complaints of any employee or student
  • To ensure the fair and timely resolution of the complaints.
  • To provide counseling and support services on our campus.

Takrar Nivaran Samitee

Sr. No.NameDesignationContact No.
01 Dr. Kokate M. D. Chairman 9423173506
02 Dr. Sanghavi  M.R. Member 9822946248
03 Prof.Sanghavi K.M Member 9921343342
04 Prof.Kawade M.D. Member 7350484700
05 Prof. Ms. Dhake D. S. Member 9922358949
07 Mr. Burkule S. Y. Member 9975172991
Contact  +91 2556 253750 +91 2556 253811
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