Applied Science

Vision & Mission Statement


To incept the fundamental values of science towards engineering education through commitment and excellence in delivery.


1)   To establish connectivity between pure science and engineering technology.

2)   To provide knowledge based solution for technological and social development.

3)   To promote scientific skill and applications towards students Intellectual and meet challenges.

Applied Science


  • SNJB’s College of Engineering has been established in the year 2004 along with various departments, Applied  Science is one of the departments which constitute Engineering Mathematics & Applied Science (Physics & Chemistry).
  • These subjects are mainly concerned with first year degree engineering course.
  • The basic sciences are very important subjects in the field of engineering and they form a good base for four year degree engineering course of different branches.
  • Department has well qualified and experienced staff and have contributed best results. They are involved in all departmental activities to it either curricular or extra curricular.
  • First year classes are well equipped with furniture, LCD and other teaching aids. The LCD  is more effective for teaching-learning process.
  • Prof. Sunil B. Chavan, Head Of Department  synchronizes all the activities of first year engineering students. He interacts directly with parents of pupils and personally intervenes in all the activities of students to make them feel homely.
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