Vision & Mission Statement


To be a vibrant alumni association working in consonance with the misson of the institute, supporting it through the synergy of the combined knowledge, skills, financial resources and allegiance of its alumni, being its brand ambassador, participating in and contributing to its continued growth and development.


Our mission is to serve the interests of everyone belonging to the SNJB family, by gathering together all the SNJBians, helping them develop and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship, fostering amongst them a sense of loyalty, involvement and lifelong commitment towards the institute.

Aims & Objective

The aim of the association shall be to assist the college and the students in their growth and development so that each passing engineer comes out as a responsible citizen of his/her motherland, a prominent socialite, and above all, a good human being, which the institute, the association and the society is proud of.

The association shall, in participating with the college, pursue these aims by the following ways

  • Organizing social, cultural, sporting and technical events.
  • Distinguishing the excellence of students in the fields of academics, sports, cultural and social activities.
  • Helping the students in their personal development by supporting them through guidance, finance and all other possible assistance.


Sr. No.NameDesignation
1 Dr. M. D. Kokate President
2 Mr. Rajiv Bhandari Vice President
3 Ms. Kavita Tated Secretary
4 Mr. Parag Achaliya Treasurer
5 Mr. Pradyumna Bora Member
6 Mr. Rajdeep Geete Member
7 Ms. Suchita Chavan Member
8 Ms. Madhuri Kawade Member
9 Mr. Vinod Pandit Member
10 Ms. Neha Mutha Member
11 Mr. Ghanshyam Dhomse Member
12 Ms. Raina Bafana Member
13 Ms. Leena Lassi Member
14 Ms. Manisha Dhomse Member
15 Mr. Amol Shakadwipi Member
16 Ms. Khyati Nirmal Member
17 Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni Member
18 Mr. Amit Bramhecha Member
19 Mr. Nilesh Sharma Member
20 Ms. Shweta Gosavi Member
21 Mr. Vinay Jadhav Member
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Decade Celebration on Occasion of Third Alumni Meet

Decade Celebration of 2008 Batch Alumni on occasion of Third Alumni Meet

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Memories of Third Alumni Meet

Celebrated 3rd Alumni meet with 316 Members

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Glimpses of Second Alumni Meet 2016

Invited Guest for 2nd Alumni Meet.

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Second Alumni Meet at Loni Kalbhor Pune

Welcome of Alumni of SNJB's Late Sau. K. B. Jain College of Engineering

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Glimpses of First Alumni Meet

First Alumni Meet Memories

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First Alumni Meet Moments with Guests & Alumni

First Alumni Memories

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