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PG Lab-1 Laboratory

The objective of PG lab-1 is to conduct the practical namely, Lab Practise-1, Lab Practise-2, Seminar-1, Seminar-2, Project stage-1 & Project stage-2. The Laboratory is equipped with state of the art Desktop Computers and software like MATLAB 2013, Xilinx ISE Design Suit 14.2, Spartan 6 and ARM 7 and 9 Development Boards with Linux OS. Lab also has two open sourse softwares; LT SPICE and NS II.

Lab In-charge : Prof.N. K. Sancheti

Control System Laboratory

The aim of this Laboratory is to brace the students with an adequate work experience in the field of Control System, Mechatronics, Electronic Design and Projects. The Laboratory is equipped with various functioning units like LVDT, Synchro Tx/Rx, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Strain Gauge, Vibration Sensor, Electro-pneumatic Trainer Kit, Logic Analyzer, Handheld LCR Meter, CRO, Function Generator, Dual Power Supply, DMM, PID based Temperature Control system, Various PLC based units like Bottle Filling Plant, Optical Rotary Encoder, Pick and Place etc. The Laboratory also has PCB coater cum Photo Resist Dryer, Both Side Exposure, Etcher, Drilling Machine, Proto Circular Saw, etc. to facilitate the students for their projects.

Lab In-charge : Prof. M.A.Mechkul

Microwave Communication Laboratory

The objective of Microwave Communication laboratory is to conduct the practical’s of UG Course like Microwave Communication , Optical Fiber Communication , Information Theory & Coding Techniques , Digital Electronics, System Programming & Operating System and VLSI Design & Technology. Main components of this Lab comprised of Test Beds of Microwave , necessitate Optical Transmitters , Couplers and Optical Receivers with all measuring devices. Microwave Communication Lab also comprised of Latest Softwares like Xilink 10.0 and Microwind 3.5.

Lab In-charge : Prof. S.S.Thakare

Communication Engineering Laboratory

The Communication Engineering laboratory is mainly used to focus on Practical Exposure on Advance Communication especially in the Communication Areas like Analog Communication, Digital Data Communication, Antenna & Wave Propagation and Television & Video Engineering. This Lab Exploit Spectrum Analyzer of Hameg for visualizing signals in Frequency Domain. Lab also comprised of variety of Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

Lab In-charge : Prof. S. B. Memane

Switching & Digital Laboratory

Due to the Recent advancement in Processor Design Technology we Designate this lab especially to Develop Hands on Skills in Microcontroller and Microprocessors. Lab Comprised of Series of Development boards from 8 Bit Microcontroller like Phillips 89C51 to 32Bit ARM7 , also Latest ARM CORTEX. This Lab carriers both Hardware design with the help of Controllers and Emphasis on Assembly Level Programming Aspects with some flavor of Object Oriented Programming Languages base like C++ and JAVA. Lab exploit subject areas like Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Microcontroller & Applications and Embedded Processors.

Lab In-charge : Prof. K. S. Tated

Basic Electronics Laboratory

The objective of Basic Electronics Laboratory is to conduct the practical’s of Basic Electronics Engineering, Electronic Devices & Circuits and Integrated Circuits & Applications. The Laboratory designated to perform quiet core electronics sessions especially for Electronic Devices and Circuits. Lab comprised of variety of CRO , Function Generators , Digital Multimeter, Power Supplies. For sake of skill development amongst students Lab encompasses most of the Practicals on Breadboard to feel like actual Circuit Designing and Testing.

Lab In-charge: Prof. Y.S.Hon

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

The objective of Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory is to conduct the practical’s of Basic Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering and Power electronics. The Laboratory is equipped with variety of 3 Phase Induction motors , AC motors , Synchronous Motors, Squirrel Cage Motors. This lab designated to perform basic practical sessions for First Year Engineering Students with above mentioned deadstock items and rheostat.

Lab In-charge: Prof. R. A. Geete

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LAB In-Charge : Prof. S. S. Gosavi

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LAB In-charge: Prof. S. S. Thakare

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