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SPACE – Skilled and Progressive Associatio

Skilled and Progressive Association of Computer Engineering (SPACE)

The SPACE committee is for the students, by the students, to the students

This student association committee was founded in the year 2006.The main motive behind forming this association is to improve the technical and non-technical skills of the students which are needed beyond academics. The space committee members are elected by the students, members organizes technical and social awareness programs.


  • Beyond academics, SPACE provides a special platform for students to show their hidden talent and also to improve their technical and soft skills.
  • Under the guidance of the coordinators these students organizes various events, programs, workshops, guest lectures and many more technical events.
  • SPACE committee members also improve their qualities such as leadership, teamwork, proper management, coordination etc, which is useful in the cooperate world ahead.

Year 2016-17

Up Coming Events


Month Event Date Event Category
December Rug Donation for Need people 25/12/2016 Social Cause
January 1. Computer Lab Modulation Innovation 14/01/2017 Talent Hunt
2. Cashless India Awareness Program 26/01/2017 Social Cause
3. Pre Gate Exam 2017 30/01/2017 Technical
February 1. Orientation Program on "Digital Marketing" 11/2/2017 Technical
2. Orientation Program on "IOT" 20/02/2017 Technical
March 1. Seminar Competition 18/03/2017 Technical
2. Project Exhibition 25/03/2017 Technical
3. Farewell 31/03/2017 Fun

 SPACE Committee was formed. Felicitation of these members was done. The names of Committee members were:


Name of “SPACE” Member



Sandeep Gangurde



Kishor Sonawane



Tejas Bedmutha Secretary


Nikhil Agrawal



 Events Conducted:

1. Gurupoornima celebration:  

     Date: 19th July 2016

Felicitation of all staff Members of Computer Department was done on the occasion of Gurupoornima.

Felicitation of Dr. P. R. Bhaldare Head of IT Department was done as he has completed Phd. 

2. State Level Event "Vedanta 2K16"

Date: 10th Sep 2016

          Department of Computer Engineering in association with SPACE, had organized  State Level Event  "VEDANTA 2K16” on 10th Sep 2016. The participants were  from various districts like -Nasik, Ahmednagar, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Dhule, Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Thane, etc. In this event there were seven events they are as follows:-
                  1. Games(Cricket CS,NFS,)

                  2. GDPI

                  3. Blind C

                  4. Robo Racing 

                  5. Treasure Hunt  

                  6. Project Paper Presentation 

                  7. Movie Making

 3. Freasher's Party

           Date: 30th Sep 2016

           Welcome party was organized for the second year students on behalf of Third Year Students and "SPACE" Association. On this occasion hon. Dr. M.R.Sanghavi delivered an motivational speech.  

4. STTP on "Compter Fundamentals" for Pre-Primary Teacher

           Date: 9th Dec 2016

one Day Short Term Training Program on "Compter Fundamentals" for Pre-Primary Teacher was conducted. The main aim of this was to give training on "".



Year 2015-16

1. Reunion Gurupournima & Dr. M. R. Sanghavi Felicitation

 Date: 31st July 2015

On occasion of “Gurupournima” new SPACE Committee was formed. Felicitation of these members was done. The names of Committee members were:


Name of “SPACE” Member



Tausif Maulani



Sagar sonawane



Sarvesh Sawant



Sandeep Gangurde


As well as number of committee were formed. Such as Felicitation, Decoration , Arrangement, Technical, Registration, Report Teams.

Felicitation of Dr. M. R. Sanghavi was done as he has completed Phd.

The felicitation was done by the Parents of Dr. M. R. Sanghavi.

2. Teacher’s day Celebration  & Fresher’s party

Date: 5th September 2015

On this day two events were conducted:

 Teacher’s day  Celebration :

This event was totally organized by BE. Student’s. Felicitation of all the staff  were done. During this event Principal M. M. Rathore, Dr. M. R. Sanghavi and Prof. K. M. Sanghavi gave valuable speeches.

 Fresher’s party:

This event was organized by TE Students. Fresher’s Party was kept for the SE students to welcome them to Department of Computer Engineering. Felicitation and Refreshment was given to  SE student.

3. Blood Donation & Hemoglobin Checkup:

Date: 27th  August 2015

Event was organized on 27th Aug 2015. 185  bottles of blood was collected form the activity and Hemoglobin tests of 378 Girl students was done with the help of  JanKalyan Blood Bank Nashik. For this event  NSS Student association has helped the SPACE organization.

 4. Gate Practice Exam

Date:23rd Jan’ 2016.

For the preparation of GATE Exam, this event was organized so that students should get knowledge of Gate Exam. Exam was conducted for all the branches and topper's from each branch was selected.

5. IOS Application Development

Date:9th and 10th Feb 2016.

Three activities were conducted on this day.

  • Department of Computer Engineering has organized “IOS Application Development” on 9th and 10th Feb 2016 this was done for BE students for guidance to their project.  
  •  During this event SPACE has given Kindle to Departmental Library.
  •  Also Department of Computer Engineering has supported to BE students for project development by buying APPLE System.


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