Computer Engineering

Department Library

The Department of Computer Engineering maintains a reference library with more than 700 books. This library is accessible to the faculty and students. The Staff and the students routinely visit and read the books.


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Kindle Contain e-Books for Student Reading

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Reading Room


Available Books


Sr. No.ParticularsNumbers
1 Reference books 726
2 Donated Books 29
3 Specimen Copies 68
4 Seminar Reports 56
5 Partial Project Reports 70
6 Final Project Reports 113
7 Question Papers 350
8 Answer Papers 65
9 Kindle 1




  • Student can issue 1 book from department library, and may use library hours to increase his/her knowledge.
  • Staff can issue maximum 5 books in a semester.
  • Students have to keep silence in library.
  • Mobile is strictly prohibited while sitting in library.
  • Return the book before 4.00PM
  • Make proper entry in issue register, its mandatory.
  • In case of loss of any book, issuer is responsible and he/she has to pay the fine 1.5 times of the books cost.
  • The student should check the book thoroughly, if any missing pages are found while borrowing the book he/she must inform the library in charge immediately.
  • The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior or misuse of library 


Contact Person

Faculty In-charge : Prof. Bora N. P.

Contact  +91 2556 253750 +91 2556 253811
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