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Vision To become world class management education hub by transforming aspiring students to meet the challenges & rigors of today’s competitive world. Mission As a catalyst we comprehend brilliance through academic excellence, leadership & intellects for our diverse profile learners.

Master Of Business Administration
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Events 2021-22
Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 A 4 Days Training On Financial Education For Young Citizen From 18-10-2021 To 21-10-2021 Mrs. Dipali Chandak Prof. L.R Lassi
2 A Hands On Session On J Gate 23-10-2021 Mr. Mayank D Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
3 An Overview Of NISM Ceritfication 30-10-2021 Mrs. Shital Kunder Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
4 Recruitment Process Of BPM- 27-11-2021 Mr. Shubham Sholanki Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
5 Self Transformation 08-12-2021 Mr. Saurabh Bhosale Dr.P.T Boraste
6 Career Opportunities In Mutual Fund Industry 11-12-2021 Mr. Divyadutta Mishra Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
7 Mahindra Pride Classroom -Nandi Foundation From 17-12-2021 To 05-01-2022 Mrs. Ruby P Dr.P.T Boraste
8 Skills For Success 24-12-2021 Mr. Pradip Khandelwal Dr.P.T Boraste
9 Session On Linkedin 08-01-2022 Mr. Manish Vibhandik Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
10 Hands On Session On Canva 15-01-2022 Ms. Gunjan Deshmukh Dr. V.B. Andure
11 Moving Into The Realm Of Abundant Publications In Top Indexed Journals 20-01-2022 Mr. Wilfred Ukpere Dr.U.S. Kasar
12 Business Analytics &Management 21-01-2022 Mr. Stanley Chinedum Nwoji Dr.U.S. Kasar
13 Career Opportunities In Investment Banking 29-01-2022 Mr. Anand Solanki Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
14 What Is For Us In The Budget 2022? 04-02-2022 Mr. Chandrashekar Tilak Prof. L.R Lassi
15 Developing English Vocabulary And Communication Skills 04-02-2022 Mrs. Prasad Dr.P.T Boraste
16 Body Postitivism 12-02-2022 Mrs. Deepti Chacko Bangera Dr.P.T Boraste
17 Chattrapati Shivaji- The Management Guru 19-02-2022 Mr. Saurabh Bhosale Asst.Prof. M.S Barkale
18 Hands On Session On Canva 26-02-2022 Ms. Gunjan Deshmukh Dr. V.B. Andure
19 International Project Management 05-03-2022 Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh Dr.U.S. Kasar
20 How To Design Your Bright Future? 19-03-2022 Mr. Sudip Maiti Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
21 Guaranted Path To Discover Your Dream 25-03-2022 Mr. Jibal Bobby Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
22 Financial Education For Young Investor-SEBI For Global Money Week 26-03-2022 Mr. A.H Shukla Prof. L.R Lassi
23 Managing Stress During Exams 04-05-2022 Dr. Avinash B Asst.Prof. M.S Barkale
24 A hands on session on J gate 04-05-2022 Mr. Mayank D Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
25 A Session on Derivative Market 11-05-2022 Mr. Jayraj Jhaveri Prof. L.R Lassi
26 Analysis of Financial System 13-05-2022 Mrs. Sheetal Kunder Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
27 Powerfull Careers in Digital world 14-06-2022 Mr. Sachin Parekh Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
28 Workshop on Common Yoga Protocol 19-04-2022 Mrs. Laxmi Bora Asst.Prof. M.S. Barkale
29 Hands on session on Indian Stock Market 26-06-2022 Dr. V.B Andure Prof. L.R Lassi
30 Analyzing Business Enviornment using IBI 05-07-2022 Mr. Bhavesh Shah, Sr. Terriory manager Infomatics publishing ltd Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
31 Evolution & career Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry 09-07-2022 Mr. Amin Roy, General manager J.B Chemicals Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
32 Lean Management & Industry 4.0 15-07-2022 Dr. R.G Tated Prof. M.S Barkale
33 Personal Finance & Capital Market 16-06-2022 Ms. Seema Jagtap Dr. U.S. Kasar
34 IPR awareness program under KAPILA 22-06-2022 Mr. Amol Patil Dr. U.S. Kasar
35 Building Resilience for Successful Career 23-06-2022 Dr. Shilpy Gupta Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
36 Career Planning and Entrepreneurship 26-07-2022 Dr. Kumardatta Ganjare Asst. Prof. R.G. Thorat
37 International Business Culture Diversity 29-07-2022 Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh Dr. U.S. Kasar

Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 Mahindra Pride ” Enhancing employability skill From 25-08-2021 To 31-08-2021 Ms. Ruby Pahadi Dr. P.T Boraste
2 Developing communication skills of students 09-05-2020 Ms. Mohapatra Dr.P.T Boraste
3 Developing Psycho-geometric communication skills of MBA students 09-08-2020 Dr.Rupali Kulkarni Dr.P.T Boraste
4 First Pay Cheque 09-12-2020 Ms Nidhi Kothari Dr.P.T Boraste
5 Investors Awareness program-Indian Share Markets 10-11-2020 Mr. Jayraj Javheri Dr.P.T Boraste
6 Personal financial planning 29-10-2020 Mr. Swapnil Ahirrao Dr.P.T Boraste
7 Financial Literacy Mission 11-09-2021 Mr. Nilesh Soman Dr.P.T Boraste
8 Building Successful Career 06-02-2021 Dr. Santosh Bhave Dr.P.T Boraste
9 Getting Back to normal & making most of MBA 05-02-2021 Ms Priyanka Nair Dr.P.T Boraste
10 PF, ESIC, & HR Compliance 27-02-2021 Mr. Pravin Ghule Dr. V.B Andure
11 Introduction to Constitution 22-03-2021 Dr. Shahista Inamdar Dr.U.S Kasar
12 Financial Literacy What and How 03-05-2021 Mr. R.P Adhikari Dr.P.T Boraste
13 Skills for success 03-04-2021 Mr. Pradeep Khandelwal Dr.P.T Boraste
14 A Session on Interviewing techniques 08-05-2021 Prof. P.A Kapse Dr.P.T Boraste
15 An overview of Banking recruitment process 22-05-2021 Mr. Chinmay Pathak Prof. R.G Thorat
16 A Session on Gender Equality 19-06-2021 Mrs. Deepti Chako Bangera Dr.P.T Boraste
17 Rural Empowerment 19-06-2021 Hon. Popatrao Pawar Prof. M.S Barkale
18 Shape your career From 21-06-2021 To 26-06-2021 Mr. Swapnil Ahirarao Dr.P.T Boraste
19 Introduction to Financial Markets 07-07-2021 Mr. Rushab Sonawane Dr.P.T Boraste
20 Self Transformation 10-07-2021 Mr. Saurabh Bhosale Dr.P.T Boraste
21 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in RABM 17-07-2021 Mr. Sheetal kumar Kasliwal Prof. R.G Thorat
22 An Overview of Recruitment Process in Banking Sector 24-07-2021 Mr. Chetan Tarle Prof. R.G Thorat
23 Understanding Industry Expectations from MBA Student 07-08-2021 Mrs. Preeti Boraste Dr.P.T Boraste
24 A session on Digital Marketing 21-08-2021 Mr. Nilesh Pawar Dr.V.B Andure
25 A Journey of successful Banker 28-08-2021 Mr. Govind Palve Prof. L.R Lassi
26 Skills and Competencies required for Sales and Marketing 18-09-2021 Dr. Kumar Prof. R.G Thorat
27 Excelling Internship 09-09-2021 Mr. Amol Wagle Prof. R.G Thorat

Master Of Business Administration
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