SNJB's Late Sau. Kantabai Bhavarlalji Jain COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Accredited With A Grade By NAAC Accredited by NBA (Comp and Mech Engg) Permanently Affiliated to SPPU

Vision: To empower young generations for significant contribution in the field of computer engineering through excellence in knowledge, technical education and innovation to cater the industrial demands and societal needs. Mission: 1. To achieve academic excellence by inculcating basic and latest knowledge in which new idea flourish. 2. To undertake collaborative training which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and industry.

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Events 2021-22
Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 Career Opportunity in GRE/TOFEL Exam & Study Abroad From 05-07-2021 To 05-07-2021 Mr. Amit Gore G.P.Dhomse
2 How to Search UGC CARE AND SCOPUS INDEXED JOURNALS From 06-07-2021 To 06-07-2021 Prof. K. M. Sanghavi D.R. Agrawal
3 CSS in Web Designing From 09-07-2021 To 09-07-2021 Prof. B. A. Khivsara S B Mahale
4 Virtual Alumni Meet From 10-07-2021 To 10-07-2021 All Alumni R R Bhandari
5 Business Intelligence From 24-07-2021 To 24-07-2021 Mr. Mandar Jambotkar R R Bhandari
6 Webinar on Vision Based AI Powered Smart System From 13-08-2021 To 13-08-2021 Mr.Mandar Jambotkar G P Dhomse
7 Webinar on Presentation Skills From 16-08-2021 To 16-08-2021 Shri. S. R. Karode G.P.Dhomase
8 Digital Mind & Metrics Wokshop From 21-08-2021 To 21-08-2021 Mr. Vikas Gadiya G P Dhomse
9 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Data Science From 25-08-2021 To 25-08-2021 Ms.Rupali Kulkarni G P Dhomse
10 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Software Testing From 26-08-2021 To 26-08-2021 Shraddha Sawant G P Dhomse
11 Webinar on How to get a Job after MS in USA From 28-08-2021 To 28-08-2021 Ms. Rachana Bumb G P Dhomse
12 Webinar on Recent Trends in Computer and IT Sector From 03-09-2021 To 03-09-2021 Ms. Ankita Chordiya K M Sanghavi
13 CentOS Installation & REDHAT Certification From 04-09-2021 To 04-09-2021 Mr. Sagar Ikhankar R R Bhandari
14 Literature Survey From 04-09-2021 To 04-09-2021 Dr. K. R. Nirmal D S Rajnor
15 How to Earn Money at From 15-09-2021 To 15-09-2021 Mr. Mayur Munot G P Dhomse
16 Campus Recruitment Training by Aptitech Education for Final Year Students From 02-08-2021 To 18-08-2021 Samidha Bhagel G P Dhomse
17 One Week Mahindra Pride Training for Employability Enhancement for Final Year Students From 24-08-2021 To 14-09-2021 Ms.Mahi Sawant G.P.Dhomse
18 Teacher's Day From 06-09-2021 To 06-09-2021 All Teachers SPACE
19 Parents Teacher Meet From 14-09-2021 To 14-09-2021 All Parents A J Shakadwipi
20 Industry 4.0 From 24-09-2021 To 24-09-2021 Mrs. Premlata Misra S. V. Sinha
21 Full Stack Development From 27-09-2021 To 27-09-2021 Mr. Junaid Shaikh N. P. Bora
22 PL-SQL From 28-09-2021 To 28-09-2021 Prof. B. A. Khivsara Dr. M. R. Sanghavi
23 Data Visualization Tool From 10-11-2021 To 10-11-2021 Dr. M. R. Sanghavi Prof. B. A. Khivsara
24 Canva Presentation Tool From 04-10-2021 To 04-10-2021 Mrs. Monica Surse Prof. K. M. Sanghavi
25 Webinar on “Latex Type Setting Tool” From 22-11-2021 To 22-11-2021 Dr. K.R. Nirmal Prof. K. M. Sanghavi
26 NBA Mock External Visit From 26-11-2021 To 26-11-2021 Dr. Prashant Kumbharkar , Dr. Sachin Sakhare K M Sanghavi
27 Zensar ESD Training From 01-12-2021 To 16-12-2021 Mr. Sandeep Walinjkar Mr.Rahul Maske Mr.Priti Rathi G P Dhomse
28 Dobut Session Solving for PW Report in LATEX From 08-01-2022 To 08-01-2022 Dr. K.R. Nirmal D. S. Rajnor
29 Mahindra Pride Technical Training From 24-08-2021 To 14-09-2021 Ms.Mahi Sawant G.P.Dhomse
30 Quiz Competition on College Website From 11-02-2022 To 02-11-2022 Students R.R. Bhandari
31 Lab Model Design Competition From 21-02-2022 To 21-02-2022 Students S B Ambhore and Amol Shakadwipi Sir
32 Session on IITs and NITs From 21-02-2022 To 23-02-2022 D.R. Agarwal, D.P. Pawar, N.S. Khairnar, N.P. Bora, S.V. Sinha, M.D. Kawade Dr. M.R. Sanghavi
33 Research/FDP/Workshop Funding Opportunities from Private Sector and Government From 26-02-2022 To 26-02-2022 Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni Dr. K.R. Nirmal
34 Webinar on Understanding Financial Markets and Recognising Opportunities From 28-02-2022 To 28-02-2022 Mr. Sujoy Das K.M. Sanghavi
35 Application of AI and ML and its opportunities in Industries From 11-03-2022 To 11-03-2022 Dr. Parag Kulkarni S.A. Chavan
36 Application of AI and ML and its opportunities in Industries From 11-03-2022 To 11-03-2022 Dr. Parag Kulkarni S.A. Chavan
37 Latest trends ( Front End, Back End, Deployment, Framework) & Career Options & Opportunities From 12-03-2022 To 12-03-2022 Mr. Swapnil Aherrao Prof. B. A. Khivsara & Prof. A. R. Brahmecha
38 Ethics in Life and Education From 28-03-2022 To 28-03-2022 Mr. R. R. Bhandari Mrs. N. S. Khairnar
39 Data Science using R and Python Programming From 28-03-2022 To 30-03-2022 Mr. Tushar B. Kute Dr. Khyati R. Nirmal
40 Digital and Social Media Marketing From 09-04-2022 To 09-04-2022 Mr. Vikas Gadiya Mrs. N. P. Bora
41 Hands on Version Control with Git From 09-04-2022 To 09-04-2022 Mr. Mokshesh Dafariya Dr. Mahesh R. Sanghavi
42 How to host website Freely From 10-04-2022 To 10-04-2022 Mr. Junaid Khaikh Prof. B. A. Khivsara
43 Session on difference between US and Indian Education System and Career Opprtunities in US From 12-04-2022 To 12-04-2022 Me. Dharmesh Desai Mr. R. R. Bhandari
44 B- Tree and B+ Tree Advance Data Structure From 25-04-2022 To 25-04-2022 Dr. M.R. Sanghavi Mrs. D.P. Pawar
45 Expert talk on how to write and publish research paper From 25-04-2022 To 25-04-2022 Prof. R. R. Bhandari Prof. D. S. Rajnor
46 Campus Recruitment Training by Aptitech Education for TE Computer From 11-04-2022 To 25-04-2022 Mr. G. P. Dhomase Prof. P.A.Kapse/ Prof. G.P. Dhomse
47 Ingredients for Successful Engineering Career From 27-04-2022 To 27-04-2022 Dr. R.G. Tathed S.V. Sinha
48 Android App Development Using Java From 02-05-2022 To 02-05-2022 Mr. A.R. Bramhecha Prof. M.D. Kawade and Prof. K.M. Sanghavi
49 Planning and Real time Application of AI From 02-05-2022 To 02-05-2022 Dr. Darshan V. Medhane Neha P. Bora, Nilam S. Khairnar
50 Expert session on Data Visualization From 04-05-2022 To 04-05-2022 Ms. Monika Surse Dr. M. R. Sanghavi & Dr. K. R. Nirmal
51 Research Publications How and Why , Research Funding Schemes From 21-05-2022 To 21-05-2022 Dr. Manesh B. Kokare Dr. K.R. Nirmal, K.M. Sanghavi

Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 Webinar on Top 7 Rules to be Successful Case Study Approach From 20-06-2020 To 20-06-2020 Dr. S.D. Sancheti G.P.Dhomse
2 Webinar on Endless Possibilities for an Engineer by Mr. Prafull Khabiya Head QuestionPro Dubai U.A.E From 23-06-2020 To 23-05-2020 Mr. Praful Khabiya Dubai UAE G.P.Dhomse
3 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Data Science and Machine Learning & Opportunity in USA for after Engineering by Rachana Bumb California From 27-06-2020 To 27-06-2020 Ms. Rachana Bumb California USA G.P.Dhomse
4 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Python Programming and How to Prepare for MNC? by Ms. Jinal Shah Infosys Bhubaneswar Odisha From 27-06-2020 To 27-06-2020 Ms. Jinal Shah Bhubaneswar Odisha G.P.Dhomse
5 Webinar on Career Oppertunity in Austrelia after Engineering by Mr. Shrikrishna Dere, Sidney, Austrelia From 04-07-2020 To 04-07-2020 Mr. ShriKrishana Dere Australia G.P.Dhomse
6 Webinar on Time Management by Mr.S.A.Karode From 08-07-2020 To 08-07-2020 Mr. S. R. Karode R.R. Bhandari, S.V. Sinha
7 Webinar on Technical Aspects of Internship From 11-07-2020 To 11-07-2020 Mr. Rahul Kotecha G.P.Dhomse
8 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Digital Marketing From 11-07-2020 To 11-07-2020 Mr. Vikas Gadiya G.P.Dhomse
9 Email Ettiquettes From 13-07-2020 To 13-07-2020 Dr.M.R.Sanghavi G.P.Dhomse , S.V.Sinha
10 Webinar on TCS Drive Preparation Session by MAD Acadmy Pune From 16-07-2020 To 16-07-2020 Mr. Rohit Runwal G.P.Dhomse
11 Webinar on Project Idea Elicitaion From 08-08-2020 To 08-08-2020 Mr. Ashok Pomnar D.S. Rajnor, M.D. Kawade
12 Webinar on Product demonstration & details developed in Computer Research Lab From 24-08-2020 To 24-08-2020 Prof. A.L.Maind & Team Prof. B.A.Khivsara
13 3D Printing From 21-08-2020 To 21-08-2020 Prof. D. D. Sancheti M.R.Sangahvi
14 Mahindra Pride Soft Skill Training for Final Year Students. From 25-08-2020 To 01-09-2020 Prof. Ruby Padhi G. P Dhomse
15 Webinar on EDP From 28-08-2020 To 28-08-2020 Prof.B.A.Khivsara Dr.M.R.Sanghavi
16 Webinar on MOOC-Learn New Skill From 04-09-2020 To 04-09-2020 Prof.D.R.Agrawal Dr.M.R.Sanghavi
17 Virtual Techers Day From 05-09-2020 To 05-09-2020 Dr. M. D. Kokate Prof. Ambhore S. B. Prof. Shakadwipi A. J. Prof. Bhandari R. R.
18 Webinar on Gate Exam Awareness Programm: Benifit & Career Oppertunity after Gate Exam From 07-09-2020 To 07-09-2020 Mr. Akash Pushkar G.P. Dhomse, S V Sinha
19 Webinar on Triggers & Assertions in PL-SQL From 08-09-2020 To 08-09-2020 Prof.B.A.Khivsara Dr.M.R.Sanghavi
20 Webinar on career Oppertunity in Software Testing From 12-09-2020 To 12-09-2020 Ms. Shradha Sawant G.P. Dhomse
21 Webinar on Role of NGO in social Issues From 28-09-2020 To 28-09-2020 Mr.Pankaj Pichha S.V.Sinha
22 Expert Lecture On "How to Publish Book" in association with IQAC From 09-10-2020 To 10-10-2020 Dr. M. M. Rathod N.P.Bora
23 Quantative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning From 23-10-2020 To 23-10-2020 Ms. Rita Chandak R.R. Bhandari
24 GitHub Student Pack and Its benefits From 02-11-2020 To 02-11-2020 Mr. Yash Mutha S.S.Wadnere
25 Webinar on Agile in software development From 16-01-2021 To 16-01-2021 Mr. Rahul Kotecha S.V.Sinha
26 Webinar on on Intellectucal Property Rights: Copyright From 18-01-2021 To 18-01-2021 Adv. Mugdha M. Kokate S.A.Chavan
27 Webinar on How to write and Publish Paper From 30-01-2021 To 30-01-2021 Dr.Neeta Deshpande Mr.D.S.Rajnor and M.D.Kawade
28 Webinar on on Intellectucal Property Rights: Patents From 01-02-2021 To 01-02-2021 Prof.R.R.Bhandari S.A.Chavan
29 DSE Induction Program From 01-02-2021 To 01-02-2021 Principal,HOD Neha Bora/S.A.Chavan
30 Visual Studio Code training Session From 05-01-2021 To 05-01-2021 Prof.A.LMaind S.A.Chavan
31 Important instructions for Honor/Minor Subject Selection From 25-01-2021 To 25-01-2021 Dr. S.D. Sancheti Prof. B.A.Khivsara & Prof. P. A. Desai
32 Recent Trends in Computer and Information Technology From 09-02-2021 To 09-02-2021 Dr. P.M. Yawalkar Prof. K.M. Sanghavi & Prof. Nilam Khairnar
33 Career Opportunities In United States From 16-02-2021 To 16-02-2021 Ms. Saloni Jain R.R. Bhandari
34 Introduction to Raspberry Pi From 22-02-2021 To 22-02-2021 Prof R.R.Bhandari K.M.Sanghavi
35 Algorythm From 24-02-2021 To 24-02-2021 Dr. Parikshit Mahale, Dr. Satish Narkhede Prof D.P.Pawar
36 SAR External Audit From 01-03-2021 To 01-03-2021 Dr.Mrs. M.A. Javle Prof.K.M. Sanghavi
37 Utilization of Projectors From 09-03-2021 To 09-03-2021 Mr. S. A. Wagh Prof N.P.Bora
38 Carreer opportunity in Game Development From 12-03-2021 To 12-03-2021 Mr.Vaibhav Mahajan Prof.P.S.Desai
39 Project Management From 13-03-2021 To 13-03-2021 Mr. Sunil R. Joshi Prof. D.S. Rajnor, Prof. M.D. Kawade
40 Modern Presentation tool- Prezi From 22-03-2021 To 22-03-2021 Mrs. Khyati Nirmal Prof.K.M. Sanghavi
41 Latex TypeSetting Tool From 15-05-2021 To 15-05-2021 Mrs. Khyati Nirmal Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi and Nilam Khairnar
42 Expert session on "How to host website freely and latest trends in Web Industry From 17-05-2021 To 17-05-2021 Mr. Yash Mutha Prof B.A.Khivsara
43 Google Studio From 24-05-2021 To 24-05-2021 Mrs. Rupali Kulkarni Prof. R.R. Bhandari

Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 Leadership From 11-06-2019 To 12-06-2019 Supriya Chitre M. R. Sanghavi
2 Guidance for SIH 2K19 & Live Inaugural Function of SIH 2k19 Finale (Hardware Edition) From 08-07-2019 To 08-07-2019 Mr. Sandeep Gangurde S.B. Ambhore
3 Project Idea Elicitation From 13-07-2019 To 13-07-2019 Mr. Hussain Dohadwala D.S Rajnor
4 GuruPurnima From 16-07-2019 To 16-07-2019 BE Students BE Students
5 MEAN Stack Technology From 17-07-2019 To 17-07-2019 Pranit Thakur S.B. Ambhore
6 Project Planning Tool - Trello From 20-07-2019 To 20-07-2019 Dr. M.R. Sanghavi and Students of IT D.S.Rajnor
7 Motivational Awareness Session on Entrepreneurship as a career option From 20-07-2019 To 20-07-2019 Kailas Deore B.A.Khivsara
8 Fun Day From 24-07-2019 To 24-07-2019 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi Dr. M.R.Sanghavi
9 PL SQL From 01-08-2019 To 01-08-2019 B.A.Khivsara Dr. M.R.Sanghavi
10 Literature Survey From 03-08-2019 To 03-08-2019 Prof R.C.Patil D.S.Rajnor
11 Skill Based Stalls From 06-08-2019 To 06-08-2019 By S& IC Team B.A.Kivsara
12 Administration and Academic Audit Of Computer Department From 07-08-2019 To 07-08-2019 Dr.M.U. Kharat N.P.Bora
13 Expert talk on “Big Data Vs Traditional Data & Challanges of conventional data and Big Data Analytics” From 11-07-2019 To 11-07-2019 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi B.A.Khivsara
14 Inauguration of Cyber Ambassador Program From 13-08-2019 To 13-08-2019 Mr. Amar Thakare & Team R R Bhandari & D R Agrawal
15 Collection of Goods and Funds for Kolhapur and Sangli flood victims From 13-08-2019 To 13-08-2019 NA Principal Dr. M. D. Kokate & Dr.Mahesh shanghavi
16 Rakshabandhan at Shidhartha Hostel From 13-08-2019 To 13-08-2019 Dr. M. R. Sanghavi, Mr. Jadhav Sir, Prof. S. B. Ambhore and Prof. Bhandari R. R
17 Expert Talk on"Data Structures & Algorithms(Sparse Matrix data structures and its time complexity)" From 21-08-2019 To 21-08-2019 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi D.P.Pawar
18 Freshers Party From 23-10-2019 To 23-09-2019 NA Prof. Ambhore S.B., Prof. Amol Shakadwipi
19 Expert Talk on “Undecidability & Intractable Problems (Theory Of Computation)” From 25-09-2019 To 25-09-2019 Prof. B.A. Khivsara N.P.Bora
20 Expert Talk on Advancement in Computer Architecture & Applications. From 28-09-2019 To 28-09-2019 Ashish Surana R.R.Bhandari
21 FDP on Cyber Security From 25-11-2019 To 25-11-2019 Kolhapur University M. R. Sanghavi & G. P. Dhomse
22 Zensar Training From 10-12-2019 To 03-01-2020 1. Nadeem Shaikh. 2. Fatima Tinwala 3. Manjiri Fadke 4.Laxmikant Shinde M. R. Sanghavi & G. P. Dhomse
23 Parents Teacher Meet From 16-12-2019 To 16-12-2019 NA A.J. Shakadwipi
24 Advanced Excel Training From 21-12-2019 To 21-12-2019 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi, Dr. S.D,Sancheti, Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi, Mrs. Nilima Khairnar, Mr. Sandeep Wadnere, Mrs. Surse Monica Dr. M.R.sanghavi
25 "Wordpress Blog Creation " From 04-01-2019 To 04-01-2019 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi, Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi K.M.Sanghavi
26 Digital Fast From 01-01-2020 To 01-01-2020 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi Prof. Bhandari R. R., Prof. Ambhore S. B. , Prof. A. J. Shakadwipi
27 Excel Training for SE,TE Students From 06-01-2020 To 06-01-2020 Ms. Monika Surse Prof B.A.Khivsara
28 5 Days Training on Web Technology (Anguler Js, Type Scripting, HTML,CSS,PHP,Laravel etc) From 06-01-2020 To 06-01-2020 Mr. Deepak Shakyavanshi, Akshay Toshniwal,Chetan mali,Sumit  Vartik G.P. Dhomase, R.R. Bhandari
29 Expert talk on "How to Host a free Website" From 06-01-2020 To 06-01-2020 Yash Mutha Prof B.A.Khivsara
30 Japanese Economy From 11-01-2020 To 11-01-2020 Prof. Kapse A.L.Maind
31 Laptop Troubleshooting From 13-01-2020 To 13-01-2020 Mr. Nitin Shinde S.B.Ambhore
32 Recent Trends in Computer and IT Sector From 14-01-2020 To 14-01-2020 Dr. Mrs. Jawale M K.M.Sanghavi
33 Salesforce Awareness From 16-01-2020 To 16-01-2020 Ajay Kutir and Mayur Munot R.R.Bhandari
34 "Learning and Using Prezi Presentation Tool " From 18-01-2020 To 18-01-2020 Khyati Nirmal K.M.Sanghavi
35 How to Crack General Aptitude test From 18-01-2020 To 18-01-2020 Dr. Kiran Derle Target Campus Nashik G.P.Dhomse
36 How to Write and Publish Research Paper From 23-01-2020 To 23-01-2020 Prof K.M.Sanghavi D. S. Rajnor & K. R. Nirmal
37 Cyber Security Awareness From 27-01-2020 To 27-01-2020 TE Computer Students S.B. Ambhore and R.R. Bhandari
38 Expert talk on "NodeJS importance and real time applications" From 01-02-2020 To 01-02-2020 Prof. A.L. Maind Prof. B.A.Khivsara
39 B-Tree Data Strcutures From 05-03-2020 To 05-03-2020 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi D.P.Pawar
40 How to present your idea From 07-02-2020 To 07-02-2020 Mr.Shrikant Karode D.P.Pawar
41 Advanced Excel Training From 22-02-2020 To 23-02-2020 Dr. M.R.Sanghavi, Dr. S.D,Sancheti, Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi, Mrs. Nilima Khairnar, Mr. Sandeep Wadnere, Mrs. SUrse Monica Dr. M.R.Sanghavi
42 Advanced Excel Training From 09-03-2020 To 10-03-2020 "Dr. M.R.Sanghavi, Dr. S.D,Sancheti, Mrs. K.M. Sanghavi, Mrs. Nilima Khairnar, Mr. Sandeep Wadnere, Mrs. SUrse Monica " Dr. M.R.Sanghavi
43 Way to read and write research paper From 05-05-2020 To 05-05-2020 Dr. P. R. Bhaladhare Dr. M.R.Sanghavi
44 "Webinar on Career Opportunity in Data Science and Machine Learning & Opportunity in USA for after Engineering by " From 16-04-2020 To 21-04-2020 Ms. Rachana Bumb California USA G.P.Dhomse
45 Webinar on Career Opportunity in Singapore & Surviving & Thinking as an IT Engineer, IT Jobs Post Pandemics by From 27-04-2020 To 27-04-2020 Mr. Kiran Patil G.P.Dhomse
46 Internal Smart India Hackathon 2K19 From 03-02-2020 To 03-02-2020 Mr. Sandip Gangurde Prof. Ambhore S. B. & Prof. Bhandari R. R.

Sr. No. Name Of Event Date Of Conduction Resource Person Event Coordinator
1 Role of Teacher From 14-06-2018 To 14-06-2018 Mr.S.R.karode Prof R.R.Bhandari
2 Parent teacher Meet From 18-06-2018 To 18-06-2018 All Parents Prof A.J.Shakadwipi
3 Handson Session on "how to install Ubuntu and How to Assemble Laptop" From 26-06-2018 To 26-06-2018 Mr.P.R.Jadhav and Mr.N.V.shinde Prof K.M.Sanghavi
4 Handson Session on "how to wifi Configure and How to Assemble of laptop From 26-06-2018 To 26-06-2018 Mr.P.R.Jadhav and Mr.N.V.shinde Prof B.A.Khivsara
5 One Week Work Shop on Employability Enhancement & Youth Livelihood Program From 25-06-2018 To 30-06-2018 Ms. Amrita Aapte (Computer Trainer) & Mr. Yogesh Nikam ( IT Trainer ) Prof. Dhomse G.P
6 Session on "How to get a job" From 27-06-2018 To 27-06-2018 Mr.Prafull Khabiya Prof.K.R.Nirmal & MRS
7 Seminar on"Project idea elicitation " From 07-07-2018 To 07-07-2018 Mr.Sandip Shinde Prof D.S.Rajnor
8 Session on "Overview of Salesforce technology" From 07-07-2018 To 07-07-2020 Mr.Ajay Karir prof R.R.Bhandari
9 Seminar on"Ethical hacking" From 09-07-2018 To 09-07-2018 Mr.Nikhil Shingade prof K.M.Sanghavi
10 Seminar on "Literature Survey" From 21-07-2018 To 21-07-2018 Dr.S.D.Sancheti Prof M.D.Kawade
11 Seminar on"Project Planning and Managment" From 24-07-2018 To 24-07-2018 Mr.Sandip Karkhanis,Boasch ltd,Nashik Prof M.D.Kawade
12 One day Expert Talk on Data Structures & Algorithms(Sparse matrix concepts and its Applications) From 06-08-2018 To 06-08-2018 Dr.M.R.Sanghavi Prof D.P.Pawar
13 Celebration of Rakshabandhan at Siddharth Hostel From 21-08-2018 To 21-08-2018 SPACE & CSI Members Prof.S.B.Ambhore/Prof.R.R.Bhandari
14 Seminar on" Software Requirement Specification(SRS) From 01-09-2018 To 01-09-2018 Prof.K.M.Sanghavi Prof.D.S.Rajnor
15 Expert Session on"Botnet of things" From 01-09-2018 To 01-09-2018 Mr.Apurva Muthe Prof G.P.Dhomse&Prof.D.G.Sancheti
16 Session on "Mobile security and Awareness" for 8th to 12th Science students at High School, Chandwad From 03-09-2018 To 04-09-2018 TE and BE Students Prof.S.B.Ambhore/Prof.R.R.Bhandari
17 Celebration of "Teachers Day" From 05-09-2018 To 05-09-2018 NA Prof.D.P.Pawar
18 Session on "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics" From 06-09-2018 To 06-09-2018 Prof.Khyati Nirmal Prof.S.B.Ambhore
19 Session on"How to Present your idea " From 07-09-2018 To 07-09-2018 Mr.S.R.Karode Prof D.P.Pawar
20 Session on"Design and Modelling From 22-09-2018 To 22-09-2018 Mr.Pushkar kale Prof A.J.Shakadwipi
21 Seminar on"Angular 6" From 24-09-2018 To 24-09-2018 Mr.Pranit Thakur Prof V.K.Wani
22 Guest Lecture on"The Advancement in Computer Architecture &its Applications" From 29-09-2018 To 29-09-2018 Mr.Ashish Surana(Asst.Manager Technocrat Control Sys.Ltd) Prof R.R.Bhandari
23 Handson Workshopon"Web Testing Using Selenium Tool" From 29-09-2018 To 29-09-2018 Mr.Kishor Sonawane Prof.D.G.Sancheti & Prof.G.P.Dhomse
24 Expert talk on"Guidance for Smart India Hackathon and Enviornment sharing of Reliance jio From 02-01-2019 To 02-01-2019 Mr.Sandip Gangurde Cluster Manager Reliance Jio InfocomLtd,Ahemdnagar Prof.S.B. Ambhore
25 Expert Talk on"How to write and publish Research Paper 30-11--0001 Dr.Hitesh Thakare Assist.Professor SNJBCOE ,Chandwad Prof M.D.Kawade Prof.D.S.Rajnor
26 Expert talk on"Japanese Language N1 to N5 Certification Carrier & Opportunity From 15-01-2019 To 15-01-2019 Mrs.Reshal Shejwalkar,Japanese Language Trainer,Mumbai Prof.A.L.Maind
27 2 Days Workshop on Python A Handson Approach From 22-01-2019 To 23-01-2019 Mr. Aniket Thorve, Developer and trainer,MITU Skillologies, Pune Prof R.R.Bhandari
28 Social Activity on" How to use Mobile for senior Citizens From 01-03-2019 To 01-03-2019 TE Computer Students SNJB's KBJ COE,Chandwad Prof.D.P.Pawar & Prof.S.B.Ambhore
29 Event: Water Harvesting related seminar which helps SE computer students to understand Water Management Audit Course. From 04-02-2019 To 04-02-2019 Dr.S.N.kalia Prof N.C.Mutha

Previous Year Events: 2018-2021

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