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Everyone is a part of economy and everyone uses the rules of economy too. From the time we are born, we become consumers of various products and services (say, medical services, baby foods, and so on). We grow and diversify to attain various different roles as producers, traders, mediators and agents. Today’s world is that of “economic imperialism”, where economical factors, most importantly, money dictates all the elements of the society, not to forget close family relations. With recession wreaking havoc, economics is something which even ignorant households are learning. Economics is a science which deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Therefore, we can conclude that whatever involves “transfer of money” includes “economics”. There are two schools of economics, namely, microeconomics and macroeconomics. The combined results of these two determine the actual effect of economics on people. To list all the important functions of economics would be literary impossible as newer issues keep creeping up. In the following lines, we have described some broad and basic functions of economics.

Undergraduate Level

Sr.NoName of CourseDurationEligibilityIntake CapacityAdmission ProcedureProspects of Course
1 B.A. 3 Years 12th Std. 264 Merit, Government instruction Eligible for relevant P.G Courses- M.A., M.B.A. MPSC., UPSC, Bank Officers, Recruitment in NSS, Ministry in Economic Affairs, Planning Board & Commission etc.

Postgraduate Level

Sr.NoName of Course/ ProgrammeDurationEligibilityIntake CapacityAdmission ProcedureProspects of Course
1 M.A. 02 Years Graduate Pass 60 Merit, Government instruction Recruit banks, insurance companies, investment consultants.
Dr. Patil Suresh Shravan

Dr. Patil Suresh Shravan

(M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D)

Vice Principal,
Head of Department

Area of Specialization: Economics : Economics
Mobile No. : +91-9423180891
Email Id :
Date of Joining : 24/09/1992
Teaching Experience :  UG - 22 Year


Mr. Ingole Ramesh Jankiram

Mr. Ingole Ramesh Jankiram

(M.A., NET)

Assistant Professor

Area of Specialization: Economics : Economics
Mobile No. : +91-9423180876
Email Id :
Date of Joining : 21/07/2003
Teaching Experience :  UG - 10 Year


Mr. Bhamare Bhila Hilal

Mr. Bhamare Bhila Hilal

(M.A., B.Ed., SET)

Coordinator M.A.

Mobile No. : +91-9767681981
Date of Joining : 01/09/2015
Teaching Experience :  UG : Junior College : 03 Years   PG : 01 Year

Total Full time FacultyPh. D QualifiedM.Phil QualifiedNET / SLET Qualified
03 01 01 02

250 129 121 21 11 10 7 7 8 25 29 1 0 65 66 F.Y.B.A.
18 1 17 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 13 S.Y.B.A.
20 10 10 1 0 1 1 0 0 2 1 0 0 6 8 T.Y.B.A.

(From date/to date)
Name of Coordinator
1 Devaluation of Indian Rupee  25th October 2013 to 26th October 2013 National Dr. Suresh Patil

Research Activities

Sr. No.Name of InvestigatorAcademic YearTitle of Research ProjectFunding AgencyAmountMajor/ Minor

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Attended / Participated

Sr. No.Academic yearName of the facultyLevelName of Seminars/ Conference / WorkshopsPlace
1 2013-14 Dr. Patil S.S. State Credit System at M.Com. Level under cluster program MVP's ASC College, Satana.
2 2013-14 DR. Patil S.S. National Marathi Arthshastra Parishad Amaravati



Mr. Ingole R. J.   


National Seminar on Poverty in India: Issues & Challenges

Swatantrya Sainik Suryabhanji Pawar College, Purna (Jn.), Dist- Parbhani



Dr. Patil S.S.


Restructuring of Syllabus Indian & Global Economic Development T.Y.B.Com

Trambak College

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Participated and Presented Papers

Sr. No.Academic yearName of the facultyTitle of the PaperName of Conference/ Publication
1 2013-14 Dr. Patil S.S. Rupee Devaluation: Causes & Impact National Seminar on The Devaluation of Indian Rupee held at Chandwad College
2 2013-14 Dr. Patil S.S. Ways of Motivation National Seminar on Human Resource Development for Enhancing Employability at Indrayani Mahavidyalaya, Talegaon Dabhade
3 2013-14 Mr. Ingole R.J. Causes, Impact & Remedies on Indian Rupee Devaluation National Seminar on Indian Rupee Devaluation at Chandwad College.
4 2013-14 Mr. Ingole R.J. Education Thought of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj National Conference on Relevance of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj’s Thoughts in 21st Century at Sharda Mahavidyalaya, Parbhani
5 2013-14 Mr. Ingole R.J. Impact on Environmental Changes in Indian Economy National Seminar on Factors Impacting the Indian Economy at Kolhar College.
1 2014-15 Mr. Ingole R. J. Food Security Problem & Remedies National Conference on Implementation of national food security ACT, 2013 at Pragati College of Arts & Commerce, Dombivli (E), Thane
2 2014-15 Mr. Ingole R. J. Bio-Fuel Necessary for Indian Economy -

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Acted as Resource Person

Sr. No.Academic yearName of the facultyName of Conference / Publication

Books Published (Last 3 years)

Sr.No.Academic yearName of staff memberTitle of BookName of Publication
1 2013-14 Dr. Patil S.S. Public Economics (MA) Sem-II Success Publication, Pune. ISBN: 978-93-83414-88-8
2 2013-14 DR. Patil S.S. Public Finance (MA) Sem-I Success Publication, Pune. ISBN: 978-93-80984-35-2
3 2013-14 Dr. Patil S.S. The Devaluation of Indian Rupee (Editor) Success Publication, Pune. ISBN: 978-93-83414-38-3
Mr. Ingole R. J.


Mr. Ingole R. J.

  • Mahakavi Wamandada Kardak Award for the best teacher.

  • Organized Quiz Competition Gyani The Bizz Quiz, Mumbai.
  • Organized Competitive Exam under Scholarship Mahaabhiyan, Dipstambha Institution, Jalgaon.

Other Information

Participation in Consultancy, Training & Development etc.

  • Orientation Programme: 01/02/2010 to 27/02/2010
  • Refresher Course: 05/09/2011 to 24/09/2011

Administrative Position held in the College

  • Member of Local Managing Committee
  • Chairman of Women Grievance Redressal Cell

Membership in professional body

  • Director, Mahila Vikas Urban Cooperative Society, Chandwad.

Membership in Scientific Body

  • Mr. Ingole R.J.: Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkatta.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities

  • Mr. Ingole R.J.
    • Appointment & Works as N.S.S. Programme Officer From 2014-15
    • Appointment as Coordinator of staff Academy in our College
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